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How does wind power generate?

Step 1

Solar energy, absorbed on an irregular basis by the atmosphere, gives rise to air masses with different temperatures and, therefore, different densities and pressures; when the air travels from high to low pressures it does so in the form of wind.

The wind energy that can be harnessed with a wind machine is directly proportional to the density of the air, to the sweep surface and to the cube of the wind speed.

There are disturbances caused by other forces and furthermore, on a localised basis, the terrain has a major effect on the wind´s properties..

It is estimated that the energy contained in the wind accounts for approximately 2% of the total amount of solar energy that reaches the Earth, which represents almost two billion tonnes oil equivalent (TOE) per year (200 times more than the total consumed by all the world´s nations) although, in practice, only a very small part of this amount can be used, given its randomness and dispersion (around 5%).

The amount of energy this involves means that wind power is one of the sources of renewable energy with the greatest potential.

Step 2

The electricity produced by wind turbines is collected, measured and made ready for distribution by power companies.

Step 3

The power companies purchase the energy, supplying their customers with a cleaner energy.

Step 4

The more customers choose to buy this kind of energy, the more the power companies will resort to renewable resources and less so to fossil fuels, thus reducing overall emissions and safeguarding our planet.

Humanity´s exploitation of renewable sources of energy, amongst these wind power, dates back a long time; they were already being employed in ancient times and their use continued throughout history until the advent of the Industrial Revolution when, due to the low price of oil, they were abandoned.

In recent years, given the rise in the cost of fossil fuels and the environmental problems stemming from their exploitation, we are witnessing a resurgence of renewable energies.

Renewable energies are inexhaustible, clean and can be employed under self-management, as they can be exploited in the very same place that they are generated; furthermore, an added advantage is that they are self-complementing.


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