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In order to improve the cost of energy in the 2.0-3.0 MW category, Gamesa launches its Gamesa 2.5 MW platform, a new reference within its product catalog and the natural evolution of the 2.0 MW platform. With three new 106-, 114- and 126-meter rotors, new tower options and a power boost to 2.5 MW, the Gamesa 2.5 MW platform complements the Gamesa 2.0 MW product series, which has become a reference in the market, notable for excellent capacity factors and high profitability.

Intelligent evolution

Backed by extensive experience and demonstrated adaptability, this platform combines the proven reliability of its predecessor 2.0 MW platform with the company’s latest technological advances to deliver significant improvements in performance, optimized models and new tower portfolio:

• New 2.5 MW generator.

• Demonstrated and validated technology in the Gamesa 2.0 MW platform.

• Greater energy production: up to 14% more in the G114-2.5 MW model and up to 21% more production in the G126-2.5 MW turbine compared to the G114-2.0 MW model.

• Excellent capacity factor and demonstrated reduction of cost of energy.

• Optimized models for medium and low wind locations.

• Improved power curves.

• New and optimized blade root with high thickness profiles. Pre-impregnated fiberglass blades designed to reduce weight.

• Variable pitch and speed technology maximize energy production.

• Gamesa active yaw system ensures optimum adaptation to complex terrain.

• Aerodynamic design and the Gamesa NRS® control system minimize noise emissions.

• Gamesa Windnet® PRO: remote control and monitoring system with web access.

• Gamesa SMP: System for predictive maintenance.


This company has received a grant financed 50% by the European Regional Development Fund through the Operational Programme 2014-2020 ERDF Navarra.

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