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Our model is based on respect for and compliance with universal standards in both the human rights and labour legislation arenas.

Work/life balance

These commitments also materialise in work-life balance measures designed and implemented by Gamesa as a function of the diversity of its workforce and jobs. Notable among these measures are its flexitime schemes, continuous/shorter working day arrangements, holiday packages and the provision of end-to-end assistance to personnel staffed abroad.


We offer professional development opportunities in the form of training and job experience, in a multicultural and multinational environment, which are the cornerstones around which we articulate our talent management cycle. .

Equality Plan

The company embeds cultural diversity, a commitment to combating discrimination and support for equal opportunities into management of its human capital.

In 2014, the company executed its second Equality Plan with its professionals' union representatives. The goal of this initiative is to provide a general guiding framework for all of its workplaces in all of the markets in which has a business presence, subject to local legislation.

The Equality Plan is designed to reinforce the company's diversity- and equality-oriented culture, encourage non-discriminatory hiring processes, foster equal opportunities for men and women in terms of their career development and promotion opportunities and facilitate work-life balance.

Social contract

Our labour policies and practices are underpinned by endorsement of the most stringent international labour standards (including the WLO and United Nations conventions) and materialise in the promotion of employee rights, specifically the right to freedom of association and collective bargaining, going beyond local requirements in this respect. .

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