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Flexible Dividend 2010

Gamesa's proposal for the allocation of the 2010 results, which was approved by the shareholders acting at the 2011 Shareholders' General Meeting, includes the allocation of a dividend in cash out of profits from fiscal year 2010 of a gross amount of 0.0068 Euro per each share attaching the right to receive it. This amount would be subject to the withholding applicable as of the date of the payment. This proposal of allocation of the profit/losses that has been approved is complementary to the shareholder remuneration system called “Gamesa Flexible Dividend”.

With the aim of maintaining the shareholder’s remuneration policy of the Company, Gamesa proposed to the 2011 Shareholders’ General Meeting on the occasion of its call, a paid-in capital increase for the free-of-charge allocation of new shares to the shareholders of the Company, under the system for compensating shareholders called “Gamesa Flexible Dividend”, proposal that was approved by the aforementioned Shareholders' General Meeting.

As on the past fiscal year, the “Gamesa Flexible Dividend” system will allow shareholders to opt for receiving all or a part of their compensation in new paid-in shares of Gamesa or in cash (the latter through the sale of their respective free-of-charge allocation rights in the market or pursuant to Gamesa’s commitment to acquire the rights at a fixed price).

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