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Hybrid Systems, Wind, solar & storage

Siemens Gamesa has the VISION

Leading the change

By their very nature, renewable energy sources represent a major challenge for the balance of the electrical system and the continuous supply of electricity.

In that sense, wind and solar power are frequently complementary in peak resource hours, balancing  the renewable energy generation.

The system can optimize energy injection, grid stability and capacity factor, depending on location and hourly profile.

Costs savings and synergies are possible due to shared land, transmission infrastructure and O&M Profitability improves; higher AEP and a more efficient incremental cost due to synergies.

Storage technologies' cost reduction enables a significantly larger renewable penetration with a significant contribution to grid stability.

In isolated areas, current storage pricing levels enable to economically reach up to 75% renewable penetration on a yearly basis.

A tailored energy storage system could increase further the profitability of the project.

Now we are ready, we have HYBRID SYSTEMS

SGRE has developed the best in class hybrid control tool (HPC) for commanding multiple strategies for renewable generation in combination with storage and all with two possible applications:

  • Grid integration: ON-GRID SOLUTIONS

  • Isolated grids: OFF-GRID SOLUTIONS 

We know the market and how the worldwide energy regulations are going thought a disruption.

Hybrids are to come and we want to help our clients to be ready

A specialized and multidisciplinary team attends the specific needs of our customers. SGRE has developed customized technical and economic tools to optimize the Business Case of our customer's projects by means of our HYBRID solutions.



  • Generation curve models to determine the optimal contribution of technology for the hybridization. Best IRR of the hybrid plant
  • Micrositing design of the hybrid plant; based on in-house expertise both in Wind & PV.


  • Turn Key or supply & installation: wind, solar & storage.
  • Development & manufacture of our proprietary inverters, power conditioning systems ‘battery chargers’ and power electronics



  • Siemens Gamesa HPC (Hybrid Plant Controller) control and SCADA system based on the control and SCADA of our wind farms.
  • Offgrid Hybrid Controller in-house development.
  • EME (Energy Management System) that enables to maximize revenues of our customers hybrid plants.
  • Forecasting tool MEGA, hybrid resource evaluation & prediction.


  • Cost reduction by sharing of resources & infrastructure
  • Company large expertise in O&M for both Wind & PV

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