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Gamesa views innovation as a crucial element of its development and sector positioning, which is why it integrates it into its entire value chain, as well as its products and services.

Its R&D activities are focused on the technological development of more efficient processes and products, tailored to multiple markets, with the overriding goal of continually helping to make wind power more competitive with the attendant reduction in its customers' cost of energy (CoE). in 2015, Gamesa earmarked €168 million to new products and platforms designed to reduce the cost of wind energy and to the adaptation of production facilities to these new developments.


Gamesa has been one of the most active industrial wind players on the patent front in recent years, with 144 patent families and a portfolio of 721 patents worldwide. Gamesa ranks ninth among all turbine OEMs worldwide in terms of patents and fourth in Europe.

Aware of the importance of its innovation effort to setting the company's technology offering apart, Gamesa formally acknowledges the invention effort and protects the company technological developments of its employees with its Patents and inventors Competition, which in 2015 was held for the fourth time.

The company has eight R&D centres, located in Spain, China, India, the US and Brazil, and participates in the leading international, national and regional wind energy projects.

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