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Prototype Test-Plant La Plana in Spain

Gamesa designed and built La Plana, a R&D plant located near Zaragoza (Spain) commissioned in December 2015. La Plana is an offgrid system that combines 4 different energy sources and is used to carry out offgrid R&D projects and tests. La Plana is a leading global initiative integrating these technologies at MW level.

Gamesa’s goal at La Plana was to combine different energy sources matching the demand in a stable system with high penetration of renewable generation. The project provides:

  • High levels wind and solar power penetration.
  • Renewable resource efficiency maximization design (wind and solar).
  • Excess of renewable energy is used to charge the batteries.
  • The batteries provide energy when there is not enough renewable resource.
  • When the renewables and storage sources cannot cover the demand, the diesel gensets supply part or all the generation.
  • The Hybrid Power Controller (HPC) manages all kind of situations: starting and stopping systems, loading or unloading batteries, etc. It also manages special operating modes such as low load diesel operation, zero diesel operation, cloud passing and others.
  • The “simulated load” at La Plana allows testing the customer load data sets in a real plant.
  • Other diesel generators (same or similar to those to be used by client) can be installed temporarily in the prototype in order to study power transients behavior.
The project includes:
  • One Wind Turbine Generator: G52-850 kW (55m hub height).
  • 245 kWp Solar power: 816 photovoltaic modules (1 hectare) + E500 Gamesa Electric Inverter.
  • Diesel power: 666 kW (3 x 222 kW generators).
  • Storage: 500 kWh / 500 kW battery, suitable for quick loading and unloading for frequency control.
  • Resistance Load Bank: 1.1 MW, automatic with contactors to simulate demand.
  • Inductance Load Bank: 750 kVAr, motorized with adjustable insertion of the magnetic core to simulate various cos Φ.
  • Switching Centre: with 20 kV switches to connect the four different energy sources.


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