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Remote areas worldwide (mines, islands) with no access to the grid produce their electricity from diesel gensets - high operation cost, even more in isolated areas due to logistics and distribution costs.

Today, renewable energy generation is proven to be a reliable, more affordable, stable and clean alternative reducing the total Cost of Electricity of the energy mix in 15-35 %, with payback for the investment within four seven years.

The offgrid solution developed by Gamesa combines wind and solar energy with diesel.

Gamesa is a One Stop Shop, providing experience and guaranteed reliability and quality over the “all-in-one” solution.

From the very start with the preliminary studies, and subsequent detailed studies, Gamesa is able to dimension and optimize the new wind and solar system in order to achieve the lowest Cost of Electricity. The company is present throughout the complete value chain: development, manufacturing, construction, operation and maintenance.

Gamesa is also able to provide costumers advise on financial optimization and fundraising thanks to its wind farms development and sales department experience and direct access to equity & debt markets.

The offgrid solution provides:

  • Reduced cost of electricity
  • Tailored, Competitive and Secure One-Stop Shop.
  • “All-in-one” guaranteed reliability
  • Ensured stable grid
  • Operational in harsh environments
  • Slashing fuel use & pollution
  • Modular and scalable systems
  • Full-scope turn-key solution

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