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Aging fleet solutions

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Gamesa Premium Availability (GPA) is a continuous improvement program designed to maximise the competitiveness of Gamesa's 2 MW platform by upgrading the turbine's hardware and software as well as improving service processes (the maintenance and repair of small and large parts).

This package of modifications maximises the turbine's performance, increases its availability and reduces its O&M costs, while simultaneously increasing the average time between incidents and cutting turbine repair times.

Benefits of the GPA program

  • Boosts upgraded turbines' availability and production
  • Lowers a wind farm's opex by up to 10%
  • Raises upgraded turbines' availability rates

Independent consultant GL Garrad Hassan has analysed the wind farms at which the GPA upgrade package has been installed. Its study concludes that after the upgrades are applied, the wind farms analysed achieved sustained availability rates of 99%.

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