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Aging fleet solutions

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Life Extension

The wind turbine life-extension program consists of a series of structural reforms and a monitoring system designed to prolong the useful lives of WTGs made by Gamesa and also by other manufacturers beyond that of the original design specifications, thereby guaranteeing the equipment's safety and availability, enabling control over O&M costs and streamlining the cost of energy (CoE).

Gamesa's life-extension program is underpinned by analysis of the fatigue and re-engineering of the 660 kW platform's structural parts, as well as its 22-year track record, the 22,000 MW of capacity under its O&M watch and the expertise built up by its operations and maintenance engineers. This know-how is rounded out with the monitoring and diagnostics system that Gamesa has developed to facilitate the early detection of anomalous behaviour by the parts affected by cumulative fatigue, enabling it to develop high-spec solutions and tailor them to its customers' needs.

Recently, Gamesa has become the first wind turbine manufacturer to manage to certify its useful life extension programme under the standard issued by independent certification body, DNV GL. This certification endorses the life extension methodology designed by the company based on the ‘Guideline for Continued Operation of Wind Turbines' of DNV GL, Edition 2009.

Benefits of the WTG life-extension program:

  • Guarantees the safety and availability of the upgraded turbine until year 30, ensuring 10 more years of income
  • Control over O&M costs in years 20-30
  • Increases wind farms' net asset values (NAV)

In recognition of the progress made by analysing the aging of Gamesa's wind turbines, Gamesa has been invited to form part of the advisory council for the SafeLife-X project, a European Union-sponsored project set up to develop effective solutions during the next ten years (2015-2025) for minimising the ageing of industrial infrastructure and facilities and guaranteeing their safety.

In addition to the G47-660 kW, Gamesa will also apply its life extension programme to 850 kW and 2.0MW turbines and even to ones made by other OEMs which are maintained by Gamesa. 

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