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Aging fleet solutions

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The overhaul program involves a comprehensive configuration change of the electrical and electronic configuration of the Vestas 660 kW platform wind turbines designed to boost its performance and to optimally configure these turbines for load control to enable application of the life-extension program features, thereby ensuring availability until year 30 of the turbine's life.

Overhaul benefits:

  • It ensures a 7.5% increase in rated or nominal power.
  • Its compatibility with the Energy Thrust improvements (wind turbine adaptation to each site) increases annual energy production by up to 5%.
  • Compatibility with the life extension program, generating additional income until the turbine's 30th year of service life.
  • Possibility of generating reactive power
  • Compliance with the most stringent grid codes.

These electrical and electronic improvements, which have been developed by a team of 100 engineers specializing in operation and maintenance services, reduce the loads transmitted to the 660 kW wind turbines while remaining in the turbine's original load envelope

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