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Energy Thrust

With over 22 years of experience, Gamesa has a strong track record in optimization, operation and maintenance in all wind turbines across the fleet (22.300 MW in more than 35 countries).

The Energy Thrust solution enables old wind turbines, updated with the latest state of the art technology, to perform like new ones. Wind turbine performance is improved, increasing annual energy production by up to 5%.

The Energy Thrust program consists of a software and firmware update in the Gamesa 850 kw and 2.0 Mw platforms, that optimizes the wind turbine’s adaptation to its location, and improves its performance in all ranges of the power curve.

Thanks to the Energy Thrust Solution,

  • Benefits come from the first day: production increases up to 5% in all turbines of the wind farm.
  • There is no risk for the customer. He invests in a solution designed, validated and implemented by a world-class manufacturer: if the improvement does not generate an increase in production, the customer does not pay for it.
  • The independent assurance provider DNV-Garrad has endorsed both the improvements themselves and the production measurement methodology.

Depending on each specific case, three types of Energy Thrust solutions can be provided: 

  • Partial power range: improved corner. Evolution of the power curve corner strategy which increases energy production by taking better advantage of turbulent winds.


  • Extra power: higher rated power. With the right environmental conditions and grid requirements the wind turbines can occasionally produce more power than their rated power. A more comprehensive control of all parameters allows the turbine to produce more energy without affecting the life of its components.


  • Safe Mode: a wider range of operation. Energy Thrust is fully compatible with the Safe mode improvement, strategy based on increasing cut-in and cut-out wind speed, thus increasing the amount of time that the turbine remains connected during high winds.


In addition to the Energy Thrust Program, Gamesa offers a complete range of solutions, such as Overhaul and the Life Extension Program, to reduce the cost of energy in existing wind turbines and improve the business case of our customers, at almost no risk.

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