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MEGA Meteo Gamesa

Another of Gamesa’s more significant contributions, directed at enhancing energy efficiency and making the most of wind conditions, consists of the development of wind power production forecasting models in a bid to perfect the art of connecting these renewable energy resources to the grid. This system is also vital in the management of weather-related risks due to the high volume of work that depends on the weather gods.

This project is articulated by the MEGA Meteo Gamesa website which allows users to easily visualise in real time the weather conditions for any specific wind farm site, along with the weather forecast for the next few days.

MEGA provides a wind energy production forecasting system, enables the management of weather-related risks and enables enhanced management of workplace accident risks.

Moreover, MEGA contributes to improving workplace risk management by scheduling work to prevent worker exposure on harsh days, in keeping with all prevailing, applicable regulations and rendering wind farm management and maintenance as efficient as possible. This system also boosts turbine productivity by preventing, for example, stoppages during optimal wind conditions. In parallel, Gamesa has developed tools to refine the search and identification of potential wind farm sites.


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