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Value creation stages

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This phase includes all the tasks required to select sites with optimal wind conditions, install the wind measurement towers, complete the measurement campaigns, complete the grid connection enabling work and perform the required wind studies ("micrositing") and turbine location surveys, as well as assessing the main environmental ramifications.

Completion of the research phase, which lasts around two and half years, triggers initiation of the development phase which consists of getting all the consents, licenses and permits required to build and commission a wind farm.

Wind farm development

The development phase, which lasts around three to four years, entails securing all the consents, licenses and permits required to build and commission a wind farm and the attendant grid connection infrastructure.

The vertical integration of the wind farm development and sale business at Gamesa, leveraging its track record in this line of work, enables it to complete the various technical and administrative steps required to transform a site that has been identified as high-potential into a wind farm development equipped to produce and sell electricity.

These administrative tasks include dealing with the competent authorities in each region or market, the owners of the site land and the electric utilities, specifically in relation to connecting each wind farm up to the national grid.


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