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Once again, Gamesa has demonstrated that it has the knowledge, experience and resources needed to develop wind turbines capable of extracting maximum power from the wind. The Spanish company has taken a leap forward in one of its biggest, most ambitious technological challenges to date: the design and development of the Gamesa 5.0 MW platform. With this new product platform, Gamesa intends to position itself at the forefront of the multimegawatt platform segment. The company thus expands its technology and service offering by including in this platform three wind turbines in order to meet the needs of all the customers in the onshore wind power industry.

Greater size for greater production

Gamesa has applied design and validation concepts to its new wind turbine development that are only comparable to those used in such demanding industries as the aeronautical industry, where product reliability must be assured from the first day in operation. Gamesa 5.0 MW is the result of the evolution of Gamesa technology:

• Individual pitch and multivariable control maximize energy and minimize weight, loads and noise.

• Sectional blade for easy transport and installation.

• Permanent magnet synchronous generator and full converter technology that allow the most demanding grid code requirements to be met.

• Add-on crane attaches to nacelle for assisting in the assembly of the main modules.

• Compact, high-performance drive train reduces mechanical stress.

• Aerodynamic blade design and the Gamesa NRS® control system minimize noise emissions.

• Gamesa Windnet® PRO: remote control and monitoring system with web access.

• Gamesa SMP: system for predictive maintenance.


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