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Grid connections technologies

Gamesa wind turbines meet the most demanding requirements of connection to the electricity grid.

DFIM technology (Doubly Fed Induction Machine) in combination with the Gamesa WindNet® PRO system (new generation SCADA developed by Gamesa), allows the regulation of active and reactive power via the injection of rotor currents of variable amplitude, frequency and phase.

For voltage ride-through, Gamesa has developed a trustworthy and robust solution based on an Active Crowbar and an oversized converter. The Active Crowbar consists of an electronic power device which allows the continuity of connection of the machine during a voltage fault and prevents both over-voltages in the DC bus and over-currents which could damage the other electronic power elements.

For the dynamique regulation of reactive power and tension, Gamesa WindNet® PRO calculates the power factor dynamically and corrects it continually in accordance with the reference values of the System Operator. Gamesa WindNet® PRO acts both on the capacity for regulating the reactive power of the machines and, if it existed, on the equipment in the substation (capacitor banks and FACTS systems).

Gamesa WindNet® PRO integrates also active power and frequency regulation tools.

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