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Multi-megawatt wind turbines from the Gamesa 2.0 MW platform improve competitive investment ratios per MW installed and cost of energy produced. This is possible thanks to the versatile combination of a 2.0 MW rated power generator with the option to choose from five rotor diameters: 80, 87, 90, 97 and 114 meters in order to reach maximum performance for all types of locations and wind conditions.

Versatility and maximum production

The 2.0 MW Gamesa platform, with over 20 installed GW accumulated in 34 countries, bases its technology on speed control and variable pitch, incorporating the latest technologies in order to obtain maximum wind energy capture with the greatest efficiency.

• Maximum output in any type of site.

• New, latest generation 114-meter rotor for high and medium winds which, together with the 80-, 87- , 90 and 97-meter rotors, make this the most versatile platform on the market.

• Availability figures exceeding 98%.

• State-of-the-art blade manufacturing technology:

  • Fiberglass reinforced materials in order to achieve lighter blades while maintaining rigidity and strength.
  • New optimized blade profiles guarantee maximum production and low noise.

• Variable pitch and speed technology maximize energy production.

• Technological solutions guarantee compliance with international grid connection requirements.

• Gamesa active yaw system ensures optimum adaptation to complex terrain.

• Aerodynamic design and the Gamesa NRS® control system minimize noise emissions.

• Gamesa Windnet® PRO: remote control and monitoring system with web access.

• Gamesa SMP: System for predictive maintenance


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