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One of the keys to Gamesa’s success is the constant development of new and advanced products adapted to customers’ needs in any type of site and with maximum profitability. With this purpose in mind the new Gamesa 3.3 MW platform has been launched with its first model: the G132-3.3 MW wind turbine for class II sites. A new generation of multi-megawatt turbines that reaches the market to become the best solution in terms of cost of energy in the 3.0-3.3 MW segment.

Optimum CoE

Thanks to the operative experience accumulated by Gamesa throughout more than 20 years in the wind energy market, the Gamesa 3.3 MW platform enables the company to guarantee the highest levels of reliability.

• The best COE in the 3.0-3.3 MW segment.

• New 3.3 MW platform based on mature technologies proven in the Gamesa portfolio.

• 34% larger swept area.

• Installation of the first G132-3.3 MW prototype is expected by mid-2016.

• Optimum solution for medium wind sites.

• Improvement of the production capacity thanks to a nominal power of 3.3 MW and a greater rotor swept area.

• 64.5 m fibreglass blade, optimized for class II sites and with aerofoils that have already been thoroughly tested and validated in theG-5.0 MW IIA wind turbine.

• New model G132-3.3 MW that guarantees maximum energy production and low noise emission levels.

• Extensive portfolio of towers with heights ranging from 84 m to 134 m, which enables it to comply with the different maximum blade tip height restrictions in certain markets.


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