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Siemens Gamesa’s sustainability pledge is articulated around its economic, environmental and social dimensions.

The company wants to be known for having a unique, proprietary and distinct business model underpinned by a commitment to value creation and sustainable development. It has dubbed this ambition ‘Vision 2025’. To turn this vision into a sustainable reality, Siemens Gamesa is working to address the matters of importance to its stakeholders and factor their legitimate expectations into its decision-making and everyday business management. This has yielded master CSR plans which specify the initiatives which need to be tackled.

In 2015, in tandem with its new Business Plan, the company rolled out its 2015-2017 CSR Master Plan, which encompasses seven programmes which in turn contemplate 26 lines of initiative and 50 specific courses of action.

2015-2017 Master CSR Plan programmes

  • Integrity: Customers, shareholders, suppliers and employees acknowledge its integrity as a company and its application of the most stringent corporate governance standards.
  • Transparency: Exhaustive, relevant and precise information about its efforts to ensure sustainability.
  • Human rights: Compliance with internationally recognised human rights built into the value chain.
  • Labour practices: The company pursues responsible labour practices and systematically prioritises a culture of workplace health and safety.
  • Responsible supply chain: The company manages a global supply chain which is pushes to assume its duty to minimise potential risks and impacts.
  • Community development: Effective efforts to maximise value for the company and its local communities.
  • Environment: Maximum process effciency and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. End-to-end solutions to combating climate change.
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