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Workplace health and safety

Gamesa actively promotes an accident prevention policy and culture to ensure workplace health and safety, to which end it complies with prevailing legislation in each market and establishes as many preventative measures as are needed. Guided at all times by the criteria of excellence and continuous improvement, the company applies an integrated health and safety, environment and quality management policy which meets stringent international standards.

In 2015, extending the trend of prior years, accident rates fell to record lows. Specifically, the lost time injury frequency rate fell by 37%, while the injury severity rate dropped 57%.

In addition, the company has an OHSAS 18001-certified Global Workplace Health and Safety Management Programme which is helping to reduce accident rates while boosting productivity and fostering a culture of prevention.

Meanwhile, the workplace Safety Committees, on which 100% of Gamesa’s employees are represented, guarantee worker involvement in health and safety policy-making as well as ensuring employee assistance with the task of identifying the risks that need to be assessed and monitored.


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