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Siemens Gamesa encourages environmental protection and sustainability in carrying out all its activities and in all the geographies in which it does business. It is committed to continuous improvement of environmental record and the application of best practices, striving to better protect the environment by taking a preventative approach and fostering awareness and training.

2025 target: carbon-neutral footprint 

Siemens Gamesa has set itself the target of being a carbon-neutral company by 2025, marking one of the most ambitious climate commitments assumed in its history. To achieve this milestone, Siemens Gamesa has established a roadmap which contemplates becoming carbon neutral by means of initiatives for cutting the emissions deriving from its activities and others designed to offset its carbon footprint. Notable among these initiatives:

  • Application of energy-efficiency measures to reduce emissions in the logistics area by at least 10% and in the operations area by 15%

  • Purchase of clean technology electricity for factories and offices
  • Promotion of the electric vehicle and more environmentally-friendly mobility plans

  • Projects to ensure that all turbine materials can be recycled at the end of their life cycle

  • Offsetting mechanisms via trading in emission allowances

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