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Code of Conduct for suppliers of Siemens Gamesa

The supplier code of conduct applies to suppliers, contractors and partners of Siemens Gamesa and establishes standards to ensure that working conditions in the company supply chain are safe, that workers are treated with respect and dignity, and that business operations with suppliers are ethical, social and environmentally responsible.The Code remains independent and updated on a regular basis to reflect the standards of Siemens Gamesa in its operations with suppliers, contractors and partners.

The objective of this code is to ensure that all suppliers that have relationships with Siemens Gamesa do align with the principles, values and code of conduct of Siemens Gamesa. Therefore, this document defines minimum expectations on ethical, social and environmental performance that are set for Siemens Gamesa's suppliers. The code applies to all suppliers that participate in the manufacturing processes of Siemens Gamesa.

The company will release the code to all these suppliers and will request compliance and adherence to it. The code will be incorporated into the General Conditions of Purchase and also in framework contracts and purchase agreements with each supplier .

Suppliers that have signed the general conditions of purchase or a contract and purchase agreement in that edition that already incorporates the contents of the code will be considered to have effectively adhered to the Code. Also, suppliers may declare their adherence to the code by signing the document published in the web. In case of refusal and/or non-adherence to the code by the supplier, the supplier will be identified and Siemens Gamesa will take the measures deemed necessary.


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