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Other indexes

Cleantech Index, Global Challengex Index y S&P Global Clean Energy Index

Gamesa is also included in other more specialized ratings in the fields of renewable energy, sustainability and the fight against climate change, like Cleantech Index, Global Challengex Index and S&P Global Clean Energy Index.

Created on the 3 November 2007, Global Challenges Index (www.gcindex.com) includes comprises companies which are actively facing up their responsibility and have made substantial, forward-looking contributions to surmounting the global challenges: climatic changes, poverty, drinking water shortages, sustainable forestry, biodiversity, population increase and Good Governance.

The Index contains 50 securities from globally active large companies as well as small and medium-sized companies, which are promoting sustainable development through their range of products and services and are simultaneously opening up opportunities for the future development of their business.

Within an eligible universe of 900 companies, Oekom Research select uses its corporate responsibility rating to check the conformance to social and environmental standards of the companies, as well as a a financial analysis ensures that the selected companies also satisfy the minimum requirements in terms of market capitalisation.

The companies listed in the Global Challenges Index are attractive from an investment perspective because they ensure their chances of business development while simultaneously reducing hidden risks. Gamesa keeps constituency into the index since its launched.


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