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The power of diversity

The wind is blowing in favour of Siemens Gamesa
The boat is competing with a full female crew in the J80 World Championship category J80, which takes place from 13 to 22 July in the waters of El Abra.
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The sport of sailing involves navigating while controlling the dynamics of a boat, using wind as the main engine. But, above all, the sport of sailing is a real battle, and one that the Siemens Gamesa team has been doing for a year. A group of six brave women who decided to join forces, create a strong bond and embark on a sailing adventure. These six women are helping to be the engine of change towards equality in sport. And the most important event for them is the J80 World Championship, held in the week of July 13-22, where they will take to the waters in search of victory.

Under the slogan "The Power of Diversity" the Siemens Gamesa team is one of the few all female boats in the championship. At the helm and leading the boat is the skipper Lourdes Bilbao, with crew members Laura Hernández, Lourdes Serna, Ana Echevarría, Helena Noguera, Carmen Gomeza, Lucía Gómez and Carlota Gala. A team that has many differences, such as age or the amount of experience they have in sailing among them, but that nevertheless has formed a great bond team. "In the end there has been a lot of work and many hours of dedication to achieve success, and we have now created a great sense of team by pulling together. We reached a moment when there was a click and everything goes well, a good atmosphere is created and the team works perfectly," says the skipper.

Yet despite the differences in age, Bilbao and the rest of the team all share the same passion for sailing. "It's fun and motivating to sail with girls of different ages. It's a different and enriching experience. Competing with a women's team gives women a higher profile in sport because no one expects it. Sailing can be an engine of change to help achieve a more equal society", says Carmen Gomez, the youngest member of the team.

This project shows that sailing is not about what gender you are, just passion and lots of teamwork. "We have confidence in Siemens Gamesa because we share the same values: a passion for sport, competition, the environment, innovation... Siemens Gamesa fits perfectly with this sport where wind is the main protagonist. Without a doubt, we work with the best raw material in the world and with a team of committed people", says Bilbao.


The days leading up to the World Cup, when the team is training and working the same amount of time with maximum levels of concentration and tension, are the hardest for the crew and their families. Lourdes Bilbao says that for them this great challenge, "we can carry out thanks to the support of our families. There are days when we are very tired and we don't know how we are going to make it to the World Cup. It is very difficult, at the end of some training days the youngest in the team have exams or jobs ... So the combination is explosive, we have our normal lives, and on the top of that, sailing. That’s why activities like this by Siemens Gamesa are fundamental to show people can work, study, be mothers and at the same time enjoy the wind while sailing".

Siemens Gamesa competes in the J80 monotype class, one of the most well-known worldwide classes, with national associations in over twenty countries, from both professional to amateur crews. That's why, just days before the start of the competition, the nerves and concentration of the team are felt more than ever. "Our mentality is to always go out and do our best, and aware of what we have to do at every moment. We may do things well or badly, but we always go out to give our best while keeping in mind all the values that make up the sport of sailing. Everything in sailing is physical, in the same way as the Siemens Gamesa wind turbines”, concludes Bilbao.

Indeed, there is no doubt there is no wind that can stop Siemens Gamesa. The Abra awaits you.
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