Siemens Gamesa finances its innovation strategy with a loan from EIB

  • The company is enhancing its offering with innovative technology that contributes to generating clean energy ever more efficiently and sustainably
  • The investment will be allocated mainly to Siemens Gamesa's RDI centers in Spain and Denmark
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Siemens Gamesa has arranged a €300 million loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB) to fund its research and development and innovation (RDI) strategy through 2023. The deal comprises an initial €150 million tranche, and a second tranche for the same amount that may be tapped next year.

The work will be conducted mainly at SGRE's R&D centers in Spain (Navarra, Vizcaya and Madrid) and Denmark (Aalborg and Brande).

Innovation and technological development are vital in order to continue developing solutions to address one of the greatest challenges of our time: combating climate change by supplying clean energy in a way that is increasingly efficient and sustainable. Overall, Siemens Gamesa will allocate up to 45% of total capital expenditure to R&D.

The EIB loan will be used to fund RDI projects, including: the development of innovative solutions for optimizing the various components of a wind turbine, new applications for turbine maintenance and diagnostic services, and computer applications for optimizing processes and energy production, ranging from blockchain to reality virtual and artificial intelligence. EIB's support will also strengthen Siemens Gamesa's innovativeness by contributing to enhancing the company's innovative capacity and competitiveness.


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