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Open Innovation is the key to our digitalization and innovation philosophy

Open Innovation

With Open Innovation we are utilizing a wider knowledge base through an optimal network of collaborations across industries. By involving this external knowledge and resources we enable ourselves in looking beyond existing and challenging situations and in developing innovative products and services.

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Fostering innovation from outside in

Best ideas do not always necessarily come from internal sources – with our global network of universities and startups, we promote collaborations across industries by building one another’s technological expertise.

This workflow accelerates our digital technologies and provides cutting edge knowhow to face the industry challenges in the years to come.

Examples of our current Open Innovation Collaborations:

In collaboration with Aarhus University and Technical University of Denmark we are developing an application to enrich specific siting decisions with a broader data range, especially for onshore siting decisions. Our collaboration partners are responsible for data exploitation and algorithm validation.

This project collaborates with PhD and MSc Students from Stanford University, University of Sussex, and Aarhus University in order to build an application which enables Siemens Gamesa to find and foresee the most suitable siting locations for our clients in the world.

In collaboration with international research institutions, such as NREL, Fraunhofer, among others, we aim at defining the current best practices and future opportunities for digitalization efforts in the wind industry. This ultimately allows academia and industry to focus on specific key areas including digital resource management through improved data science.


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Building an Ecosystem


Digitalization will transform Wind industry

Open Innovation embraces the possibility in building an ecosystem of collaborations with which we and our partners are able to access knowledge and resources that ultimately result in innovative product development.

We are already working in three main areas


Big Data & Advanced Analytics

With digitalization massive amount of industrial data is produced which can be collected, stored and analyzed in a way which disruptively change the way we are looking at our wind turbines.


IOT & Digital Twins

Connecting the physical and digital world so that wind companies can transform their decision making process. Data coming from different sensors combined with virtual models can provide a powerful way to aggregate the information from multiple real-world assets for better operations and maintenance.


AI & Machine learning

Combining data with learning algorithms generates value by sophisticated decision models for asset performance, potential outcomes with optimization guidance and predictive maintenance.

How to work with DVL Open Innovation Ecosystem?


We connect SGRE and third parties mainly through our state-of-the-art digital platform (DVLpy) enabling access to talent and best practices and keeping us in contact with our clients, suppliers, universities, start-ups and other partners. 

You can approach DVL in different ways:

  • Direct contact: if you have a creative solution to an industry problem you can contact us directly (anchor link to the form at the end).
  • Events: innovation days, hackathons and much more coming soon.
  • Research projects: we are constantly looking for research collaborations.
Benefits of being part of the ecosystem


Together we can achieve even more Innovations for renewable energies:

  • Access to a big Network & Ecosystem
  • Greater knowledge base across industries
  • More likely to innovate and reach market
  • Lower Innovation investment
  • Interact with leading experts
  • Be part of the next technologies revolution in Renewable Energy
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