Siemens Gamesa onshore wind turbine SG 4.5-145

SG 4.5-145

Onshore wind turbine

New turbine with the best-in-class LCoE >4 MW
The SG 4.5-145 is the first proposal of our 4.X platform. An exemplar of a new generation of onshore wind turbines, it offers nominal powers greater than 4 MW with an excellent LCoE. The first SG 4.5-145 prototype installation is planned for the second quarter of 2019, and the Type Certificate is expected for the third quarter of 2019.
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Rotor diameter
145 m
Nominal power
4.5 MW
Special features
Key Facts
  • Best-in-class LCoE >4 MW
  • Medium-wind design covering a broad range of sites
  • Low technological risk based on proven geared technology
  • Flexible power rating from 4.2 to 4.8 MW
Recommended for

Medium wind, onshore locations

Other models in the platform
Model Rotor Dia. Wind type
SG 4.5-132 132 m For high wind
SG 4.5-155 155 m For medium to low wind
Innovating through experience and proven technology
Technical specification
General details
Rated power 4.5 MW
Wind class IEC IIB
Flexible power ratings 4.2-4.8 MW
Control Pitch and variable speed
Standard operating temperature Range from -20ºC to 35ºC (1)
Diameter 145 m
Swept area 16,513 m²
Power density 254.35 W/m²
Length 71 m
Airfoils Siemens Gamesa
Material Fiberglass reinforced with epoxy resin
Type Multiple technologies available
Height 90, 107.5, 127.5, 157.5 m and site specific
Type 3 stages
Type Doubly-fed induction machine
Voltage 690 V AC
Frequency 50 Hz/60 Hz
Protection class IP 54
Power factor 0.9 CAP-0.9 IND throughout the power range (2)
(1) Different versions and optional kits are available to adapt machinery to high or low temperatures and saline or dusty environments.
(2) Power factor at generator output terminals, on low voltage side before transformer input terminals.
Powering a next-generation onshore product platform
AEP production of SG 4.5-155 onshore wind turbine
AEP increase SG 4.5-145 vs. SG 3.4-132 (preliminary)
Exemplar of a new generation of turbines, it is informed by over 35 years’ experience in the wind power market and features proven technological solutions. This turbine complements the product offer in markets that require nominal powers greater than 4 MW, and with an excellent Cost of Energy. Optimized for medium-wind speeds, it is both modular and flexible to adapt to a wide range of sites.
Technological highlights
Our onshore approach is focused on geared technology, in which we have extensive knowledge and expertise. The hallmarks of Siemens Gamesa turbines are: reliability, robustness and a modular, flexible design for optimum adaptation and maximization of production at any site and in all wind conditions.
This turbine is equipped with blades made of fiberglass reinforced with epoxy or polyester resin. Together with the state-of-the-art aerodynamic profile, we can produce lighter blades having greater strength and improved dynamic behavior with less load transmitted to the rest of the components.
Turbine sensors continuously transmit data to our diagnostic centers, enabling the early detection of anomalies and preventing potential failures. By analyzing vibration patterns we can optimize your service plan and anticipate repairs before serious damage occurs.
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