What women inspired you?

International Women's Day

Madrid / 8 March 2020

March 8 is a date nobody can be indifferent to. The call for an egalitarian society in which women have the same rights as men has spread across the planet.
Communication Specialist
International Women's Day is an occasion where thousands of women demand the ability to achieve their goals in the same conditions as men.

If we want a more diverse society, without glass ceilings, in which the mental burden of domestic work is shared, with equal wages and the same opportunities at work and in our personal lives, we need female role models.

Women have been under-represented throughout history, although there have always been pioneering, ground-breaking women — artists, scientists, politicians and activists; women who drove change and who fought to have an influence on society.

Siemens Gamesa is participating on this day with a simple exercise: we have asked our employees to tell us what women inspired them. We hope that everyone who watches this video will participate in this reflection and that, together, we can raise the visibility of inspiring women around the world.

So, what woman inspired you?


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