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Local engagement

Projects for a sustainable world
Siemens Gamesa is deeply anchored in the societies in which we operate. We see it as our duty to contribute to their sustainable development. That is our business model.
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Working alongside communities
We assume that our organization is part of a social framework that can strengthen our own capacity or, on occasion, condition and limit our development and competitiveness. We fully support this. Commitment to a more prosperous society is not only compatible but interdependent with enduring business success.
At Siemens Gamesa, our commitment to society is genuine and permanent. Wealth creation and improved quality of life in the communities where we operate is a constant goal of our commercial activity, supplemented by socioeconomic development through our many non-business channels.
Early involvement of stakeholders

When it comes to the planning of our wind energy projects, the involvement of interested parties in the decision-making process is carried out by the public authorities. Various stakeholders can take part depending on the mechanisms established in each country.

Once the most appropriate infrastructure has been chosen, the views of the communities affected by it are taken into account through a consultation process, which varies depending on the country and type of facility in question. Many of these processes, including environmental impact studies for facilities, are governed and conditioned by the granting of building and operation permits.

During the planning and performance of these actions, Siemens Gamesa carries out preliminary consultations. We keep active channels of dialogue open with the communities and interested parties affected in order to identify and address their concerns or interests.

Our principle with regard to communities
Our principles

Siemens Gamesa’s relationship with the community is guided at all times by the following principles:

  • Awareness of social change. If we understand how the needs of society in general are evolving, we can anticipate future demands in the environment.
  • Systematic, fluid and truthful information. This will create a climate of trust and credibility.
  • Respect for the environment by complying with prevailing legislation and collaborating in the environment’s conservation and improvement.
  • Job creation by leading new competitive business developments.
  • Providing support for the development of disadvantaged groups and sectors.
  • Supporting research to raise the scientific and technological level of our environment, as well as promoting the use of technologies and other actions which are respectful to the environment.
  • Collaborating with other institutions and groups for the community’s improvement and development.
  • Establishing relationships with public authorities based on institutional respect and compliance with the law.

Community action programs

Community Action Programs are aimed at creating wellbeing, increasing local income and driving local technological development. Initiatives to support this strategy include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Local development cooperation programs.
  • Educational access and skills development programs.
  • Programs aimed at conserving local culture.
  • Providing health services.
  • Programs aimed at strengthening the community’s institutions, groups and local authorities.
  • Environmental, social and cultural programs involving local networks and other institutions.

The following social initiatives designed for the benefit of local communities are being carried out directly by Siemens Gamesa or by its subsidiaries or associate companies in their respective areas of action. They were implemented in 2017.


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