Wind energy primes its wings for takeoff in South Korea
Wind energy plays an indispensable role in our society, and this is evident in the efforts of our Asia-Pacific team. They are rapidly fast laying the groundwork for an expected surge in offshore installations in South Korea in the coming years, even if challenges remain and for now it’s onshore that continues to make steady progress.
SG 14-236 DD series: Our largest ever wind turbine is now fully operational

We have witnessed the journey of the installation of Siemens Gamesa's largest offshore wind turbine: from the beginning, when the nacelle left the factory in Brande, all the way to the installation of the rotor with its 115-meter-long blades. With a capacity of up to 15 MW with Power Boost, this massive turbine will provide an increase of more than 30% in Annual Energy Production (AEP) compared to its predecessor.

Uncharted waters - how floating wind opens up new possibilities
A recent survey in the UK revealed that between 79% and 88% of people questioned support wind power, the level of support dependent upon their stated political allegiance; they recognize that it is the most effective way to decarbonize energy generation, to bring us towards net zero. But do they know that floating offshore wind offers a way further to speed the process and bring offshore wind to areas where it currently is not viable?
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Pioneering technology


Siemens Gamesa is leading the way for a sustainable future with the RecyclableBlade, the first product to offer a comprehensive recyclable solution that is ready for commercial use both offshore and onshore.

The wind industry is still relatively young and is aware of the responsibility it holds of finding a sustainable way to deal with wind turbine components at the end of their life cycle. Increasing the recyclability of the wind components is high on our agenda, and we are committed to producing 100% recyclable turbines by 2040.

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Powerful performance


Leading the way forward, our engineers and technicians pioneered the offshore sector back in 1991, with the world’s first wind power plant in Denmark. Since then, Siemens Gamesa has grown to become the global leader in offshore power generation. Offering full-scope solutions and services, our people and products will guarantee the success of your next offshore project.

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Offshore wind power at Siemens Gamesa

World-class maintenance


Siemens Gamesa has a proven track record of excellence in operation and maintenance. Leveraging scale and global reach, we offer a flexible service portfolio that can be tailored to our customers’ diverse operating models. We also provide advanced diagnostics and digitalization capabilities, as well as customized offshore offerings.

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World-class service and maintenance

Your trusted technology partner


Operating in around 90 countries, Siemens Gamesa offers an extensive range of onshore wind turbine technologies to cover all wind classes and site conditions. By listening to our customers - and backed up by over 40 years of experience - we know just what it takes to develop and manage a successful onshore project.

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Your trusted technology partner in onshore


Passionate about renewables

It takes the brightest minds to be a technology leader. It takes imagination to create green energy for the generations to come. At Siemens Gamesa we make real what matters.

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Delivering sustainability through actions

This decade will be judged on our ability to take the steps needed to keep global temperature rises this century to between 1.5 and 2.0 degrees Celsius, as well as deliver a fairer and more equal world. That is why as part of our Sustainability Vision 2040, we are focused not just on the targets we set, but instead on the actions that are needed to deliver on them.

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Taking innovation offshore: the Kaskasi wind energy project, a world first. And why policymakers should care

We are 35 kilometers off the coast of the German island of Heligoland in the North Sea. For the last few years, Daniel and his crew of engineers and technicians have been working on a world first for the industry. They installed the first commercial recyclable wind turbine blades here, and in July 2022 these turbines generated their first green energy output. The Kaskasi wind project, along with two other offshore sites Amrumbank West and Nordsee Ost, forms part of RWE’s Heligoland Cluster.  


Siemens Gamesa 5.X on bright course with 5 GW of sales in record time

The Siemens Gamesa 5.X onshore wind platform is fast on its way to becoming a benchmark in the industry, and reaching 5 GW of sales will give new customers confidence that they will receive a robust and top performing wind turbine, says CEO of the company’s onshore business, Richard Luijendijk.

The Siemens Gamesa 5.X was launched in April 2019, and today’s milestone makes it the company’s top selling onshore wind turbine.


The FOD4Wind project estimates a reduction of 13,000 tons of CO2 in 2030
We must innovate in the use of drones to service offshore wind farms cheaper, faster and more efficiently. The research project FOD4Wind between Energy Cluster Denmark, ESVAGT, Upteko, University of Southern Denmark (SDU) and Siemens Gamesa can reduce downtime and eliminate fixed costs for servicing offshore wind. Based on estimations of the project team, with 70 installed charging stations with drones, the annual effect in 2030 will be reduced downtime of 12,250 hours, 13,000 tons of CO2 reduction, increased energy production by 39,200 MWh, reduced costs for service by 57 million Euros and additional employment of 180 employees.
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