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30 years of powerful performance
30 years ago, we became a pioneer in offshore wind when we installed the world’s first offshore wind power project, Vindeby, in 1991. Now, with a growing imperative to meet climate challenges, we are more determined than ever. As the global market leader in offshore wind, we are fully committed to being part of the solution. Together with our partners, we aim to power the future of our industry.
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Strong future for offshore wind power in the global energy mix
The demand for global electricity is forecast to increase. In the worldwide quest for more renewable energy sources, the rapid development of offshore wind power suggests the power source will play a major part in our sectors future. The exponential growth of offshore wind energy can be attributed to several factors, including abundant space and greater, consistent wind resources, as well as technological advantages for offshore wind with high availability and capacity factors.

A record +18GW of offshore wind capacity was installed during 2021, bringing the global operational offshore wind capacity to ~51GW, continuing a strong growth despite challenges caused by COVID-19. 2021 saw the implementation of 82 new power plants, meaning that there are now more than 260 operational offshore powerplants worldwide. China has taken the lead with ~24 GW installed capacity, followed by UK with 10+ GW and Germany in third place with 7+ GW installed.

This growth in offshore wind is predicted to accelerate over the coming years, with a global outlook of ~225 GW predicted installations by 2030. This growth outlook is solidified by +40 GW of new capacity expected to be allocated in the coming years.

Innovative new ventures such as green hydrogen and floating offshore wind will help to decarbonize hard-to-abate sectors and allow the expansion of new markets previously limited by geographical conditions, indicating a bright future ahead of offshore wind.
Offshore facts and figures
 Globally installed
21 GW
Globally installed
6.9 € bn
 Order entry
2.3 GW
Order entry
Siemens Gamesa offshore growth strategy
Siemens Gamesa is the global market leader for offshore with approximately 70% of market share in Europe. In addition, the company has the most extensive installed base and the largest order book in the industry.

The offshore wind market is rapidly expanding, delivering a long-term cumulative market growth of 13% globally by 2025. l Europe are currently the leaders in installations, followed by China, Taiwan, and the US.

We aim to retain our position as the global market leader in offshore with our strong technical solutions driven by our patented Siemens Gamesa offshore Direct Drive technology. We are dedicated to securing continued reductions in the Levelized Cost of Energy from offshore wind power, an essential factor for the expansion of offshore wind markets around the globe.

Our dedicated team will continue to drive the global energy revolution to create a better, greener world for generations to come!
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