Sustainability drives Siemens Gamesa's philosophy


Drives our philosophy

Achieving a better future

Sustainability is right at the heart of Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy. It is the driving philosophy of our company, and we regard it with utmost respect.

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Commited to sustainable development

We want Siemens Gamesa to be a global force for sustainable development, and that all our actions reflect this. However, there are many factors in the world today that represent enormous potential threats to sustainability, and dramatically affect businesses such as ours.

Climate change, water scarcity, geopolitical conflicts, resource depletion, and economic inequality – these must all be acknowledged as the challenges they are, and then they must be met and overcome.

At Siemens Gamesa we believe that sustainable development and commercial success go hand in hand. Sustainability excellence is a badge of honor, and a mark of operational and management quality. For us, this means being a company that responds to evolving market trends. It means building a team of engaged, productive and valued employees. Above all, it means being a company that does not just respond to social progress, but aligns with and helps to lead it.

We are in the sustainability business, with 99 GW of wind power capacity around the world, that has helped our customers reduce CO₂ emissions by more than 233 million tons a year. Thus contributing to a reduction in greenhouse gases and mitigating their harmful effects.

We support the world’s climate protection goals, and have joined in the global movement to de-carbonize economies. We have committed to becoming a carbon neutral company by 2025, and to that end are switching our operations from emission-intensive conventional power generation sources to renewable energy-based electricity source.

Facts & figures
Our sustainability performance is monitored continuously and has been externally audited by the most renowned indexes and ratings
Sustainability Index
We are a member of the DJSI World Index in 2017. Ranking: #12 Economic Dimension #3 Environmental Dimension #10 Social Dimension
Climate protection
Our installed capacity of 99 GW saves more than 233 million tons CO₂ emissions a year
Close to 100 different nationalities are employed by Siemens Gamesa worldwide
Corporate social responsibility
Corporate Responsibility: Our Commitments

Siemens Gamesa wishes to be recognized for its distinctive business model, committed to the creation of value and sustainable development. Our vision for corporate responsibility involves being accountable to a range of stakeholders beyond our immediate shareholders and investors.

Our company feels a strong sense of responsibility in many areas, including environmental protection, the wellbeing of our employees, the broader community, and civil society in general, both now and in the future. We know that the success and sustainability of our business is underpinned by a skilled workforce, a stable community and healthy environment.

For that reason, the Board of Directors of Siemens Gamesa is committed to ensuring that all of our activities are carried out in accordance with a set of values, principles, criteria and attitudes aimed at creating and sustaining value for our shareholders, employees and clients, and also for society in general.

Global collaboration

Siemens Gamesa has joined other members of the global community who share our commitment to sustainability through corporate and social responsibility. These collaborations include:

The United Nations Global Compact
Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)
Paris Pledge for Action
Caring for Climate
Women’s Empowerment Principles

Global sustainability programs
Recognition and indices

At Siemens Gamesa, we monitor sustainability performance constantly, and take pride in having our commitment to sustainability recognized by the world’s most relevant sustainability indexes and ratings.

We are listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, and are ranked as one of the most sustainable companies in the machinery and electrical equipment industry group. Siemens Gamesa ranks #12 in the Economic Dimension; #3 in the Environmental Dimension and #10 in the Social Dimension. Overall, we lead the industry in three out of 22 categories or criteria.

The Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE) included Siemens Gamesa in its FTSE4Good series, which is designed to measure the performance of companies demonstrating strong Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices.

The Global Challenges index (GCX) included Siemens Gamesa among the 50 securities in the world which are promoting sustainable development through products and services, and actively making substantial, forward looking contributions to surmounting global challenges such as combating climate change, securing drinking water, stopping deforestation, preserving biodiversity, or combating poverty.

In addition, Siemens Gamesa is included in the Ethibel Excellence Europe, which includes companies that are included in the Russell Global Index and display the best performances in terms of corporate social responsibility (CSR).
Sustainability reporting

The Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy Sustainability Report summarizes the most relevant financial and non-financial information. The objective of this report is to present the strategy and performance in terms of sustainability our stakeholders.


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