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Actions speak louder. This decade will be judged on our ability to take the steps needed to keep global temperature rises this century to between 1.5 and 2.0 degrees Celsius, as well as deliver a fairer and more equal world. That is why as part of our Sustainability Vision 2040, we are focused not just on the targets we set, but instead on the actions that are needed to deliver on them.  

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Action to reach carbon positive emissions by 2040. Siemens Gamesa achieved carbon neutrality in late 2019 and has its climate targets verified by the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi). However, we want to go further. We are going beyond carbon neutrality and aim to become carbon positive by 2040.

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Action to make our supply chain sustainable. At Siemens Gamesa, we are proud of our internal journey to carbon neutrality, and it is great to see that many suppliers are striving to reduce their impact on the environment and put in place long-term sustainable practices. The next step is to encourage these positive changes across the value chain which is why we have developed a comprehensive framework integrating our suppliers sustainability performance into our supplier selection and development processes.

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Action to deliver a fully recyclable turbine by 2040. In 2021, Siemens Gamesa developed the world’s first recyclable wind turbine blade, known as the RecyclableBlade, for commercial use offshore. This innovation is testament to the hard work of our employees and partners. The RecyclableBlade is also the first step towards our goal of delivering a fully recyclable turbine by 2040, ensuring that all materials in the turbine can be recycled. It is Siemens Gamesa’s goal to develop innovative and efficient technology to power the green transition, but it is also our responsibility to ensure that this technology’s lifecycle does not end when the blades stop spinning.

Action to become a better employer. Our dedicated employees make Siemens Gamesa what it is, and they are at the heart of everything we do. We strive to be a socially responsible employer and to embed ethical behavior across all our business activities and value chain. We do this by promoting and maintaining an ethical, transparent, diverse, inclusive, and safe work environment in which employees’ best interests are protected and nurtured. The safety and wellbeing of our employees is of utmost importance, and we are constantly looking for new ways to enhance health and safety in our company and across the entire industry. Furthermore, we know that having a diverse workforce makes us more innovative and competitive, which is why we’ve pledged to increase female representation in the workforce to 30% by 2040, developed an inclusive parental policy and are actively promoting LGBTI diversity across the globe.
Action to support the communities in which we work. As a large player in the industry, we have a duty to contribute to the sustainable development of the communities in which we operate. In line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, our Social Commitment department is focused on combating poverty, protecting the environment and promoting technological education in these regions, towards a better Planet and to ensure that communities are equipped with the skills they need for a digital future.
Commitment to United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals
Delivering on the Glasgow Climate Pact agreed at COP26, and supporting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, requires all of us to act, and act now with urgency.   Without action, we face the alarming prospect of catastrophic climate change within this generation and continued social injustice. 

Siemens Gamesa is part of the solution. We are driving the global green energy revolution and accelerating the efforts of our partners around the world. As a company, we are dedicated to driving the United Nations’ 2030 agenda and contributing to reaching the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) targets. To ensure the maximum impact, we prioritize the SDGs that are most relevant to us and focus our activities on SDG 7, 13, 5, 8 and 16.

Let’s act together, and turn climate commitments into climate justice for all.
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