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Social and communities commitment

Committed to a sustainable world

Our mission is to actively reduce poverty in our communities, fight climate change and push technological education to the future needs, all aligned with the UN's SDGs.

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Our objectives

Our objectives are linked to 3 areas of action:

• Combat poverty: We need to be part of the communities which we are presently helping and improving
• Protect the environment: To reduce CO2 emissions and mitigate the climate change effects. Specifically focussing on earth, oceans and seas
• Promote technological education: To build a higher-skilled workforce in the future

Our strategy and policy


Aligned with the UN SDGS set in the 2030 Agenda. With the focus on SDG1 No poverty, SDG 4 Quality Education, SDG 13 Climate Action, SDG 14 Life Below Water, SDG 15 Life on land. Our action goes beyond the business

Social Commitment Policy establishes a long-term compromise to a conscious contribution to society.

Coronavirus donations went to hospitals and communities where the company operates
Social Action
Siemens Gamesa is deeply anchored in the communities in which we operate. We see it as our duty to collaborate in their sustainable development. That is our business model. Long-term acceptance by local communities is our main priority, and being an active part of their activities and their community, our goal. Through the achievement of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, we also meet the concerns of our employees while being engaged with communities through volunteering activities.
COVID-19 Response in Kenia refugee camps with ACNUR-UNHCR
Combating Poverty

4th SGRE Impact Project: 9 projects in 8 countries. A company-wide initiative that brings a positive change to the communities in which Siemens Gamesa operates while heightening the employee’s engagement. Every year, a SGRE employee can propose a community engagement project related to the SDG’s selected by the company.

Protecting the Environment
The fight against climate change is in the DNA of our business, not only because we reduce emissions with our turbines but also through our environmental impact, which helps reduce carbon footprint'

• We have created The Forests of Siemens Gamesa. We have planted 100.000 trees in 17 forests in 9 countries, including the Amazon.
- Each mature tree sequesters an average of 22 kgs. of CO2 annually
• Our coastal clean-up in different countries helps to fight against human impact.
- River, beach, coastal pollution is a threat to biodiversity
- Over 3 billion people depend on the ocean for sustenance
• Digital Clean-up to decrease our digital footprint reducing 400 Tons of CO2
We have planted 100.000 trees in 17 forests in 9 countries
Technological Education
Our principles
A hands-on program to give students a chance to learn while creating and coding
Siemens Gamesa, as a technological leader, has the know-how to educate coming generations about technology, engineering, digitalization and renewable energy.

In line with our desire to meet society's need for technological advancement, we want to motivate and support students of all genders and backgrounds to consider the study of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Ongoing projects:

1) Minecraft Education: Teaching young students about the importance of sustainable energy through the famous Microsoft Game.

2) Robotics First Lego League: A hands-on program to give students a chance to learn while creating and coding.

3) #HackSTEM: Hackathon to create a platform for digital education in 5 countries.

4) Agreements with Universities: Aalborg University (Denmark) and 4GUNE in 4 Basque faculties, with a challenge on energy transition and circular economy.

5) Award Siemens Gamesa SDSN: International competition on sustainable solutions for energy transition with university students.

6) #TeachingFuture: Siemens Gamesa employees motivate students to start their STEM career.

7) #Teens4STEM: Offering the opportunity to young students to engage and collaborate on new projects selected by Siemens Gamesa.

8) Meakeathon: Entrepreneurship and innovation seminar.

Volunteering Program
In line with our core value: creating a better and sustainable world for generations to come, the Corporate Volunteering Program looks to create a beneficial impact within the communities we operate and the environment.

Volunteers as Stars. More than 80 employees help organize locally different volunteering events and motivate others to join the initiative.

Our program is intended to be transversal as it involves a wide range of social activities promoted by the company to improve the quality of life and the sustainability of its communities.
Coastal clean-up in different countries to fight against the human impact
Special Projects
We stand with Ukraine. Siemens Gamesa launches employee donation-matching campaign

With the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine deepening, Siemens Gamesa has launched a collaboration with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), to raise money to aid those dispossessed or displaced by the conflict.

Siemens Gamesa employees wishing to donate will have their contribution matched, and doubled, by the company. For every Euro donated, the company will give two Euros.

As a company committed to making a difference, and there is no more immediate need to make a positive difference than in Ukraine at this moment. Aid will take the form of healthcare, shelter and support services for those who have had to flee their homes, or their country.

Siemens Gamesa funded the acquisition medical supplies and food donations for coronavirus relief as well as psychological care
Social Commitment in response to the COVID-19 global crisis
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, it affects a more significant number of people in a greater number of countries and even the normal functioning of our societies. In times such as these, the contributions of the private sector and the solidarity of individuals is essential to help our sanitary systems and vulnerable collectives.

Siemens Gamesa funded the acquisition of medical supplies and food donations for coronavirus relief as well as psychological care. The donations were targeted at hospitals and communities where the company operates.


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