Multibrand services for wind turbines

Multibrand wind farms operations and maintenance services

What matters to you, matters to us
As your reliable multibrand service partner, we maximize the performance of your diverse fleet - no matter the age, no matter the make. Our unmatched engineering excellence, technical expertise and advanced diagnostics capabilities enable you tackle every service challenge with utmost confidence.
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40+ years
Fleet availability
98% uptime
Customer benefit
Multibrand in our DNA
Born out of five different OEMs - Siemens, Gamesa, Senvion, Bonus, and Adwen; our unique multibrand DNA gives us an understanding of wind turbines, unlike any other OEM or service partner.
We combine the expertise, experience, knowledge, and IP of all these OEMs to be the single service contact for all your multibrand service needs. Discover our comprehensive services for Senvion wind turbines here.
Recommended for

  • Owners of small to large, global or local, onshore and offshore wind farms with mixed brands
  • Companies that want to leverage economies of scale
  • Wind farm owners who are looking for a reliable engineering excellence partner

Manufacturers serviced:
GE Renewables
+ Others
Success stories
Leading the global energy revolution, by your side.
As our world continues to soar with the wind, some pioneers are already unlocking its future. We enable such partners across the globe with unmatched service solutions for their multibrand fleet.
Step into their shoes and find out how our range of services can help you in maximizing the full potential of your fleet.
Bundle maximum service with minimum hassles
Our customized solutions are tailored to match your fleet’s specific service requirements. This drastically reduces operational complexities like dealing with multiple service agreements or personnel for different OEMs and technologies.

Removing such issues helps in maximizing your fleet’s performance and avoiding financial uncertainties. Our committed service experts are always equipped to be your single point of contact for all multibrand solutions.

Every technician upholds the high standards of performance and professionalism set by Siemens Gamesa. Their dedication and proven skills are unmatched in the industry, propelling all our partners to generate more value from their wind farms.
As our partner, what can you expect from us?
  • Industry leading engineering excellence
  • Service experience of 9 manufacturers
  • Best-in-class digital solutions and services
  • Strong financial stability for years to come
  • Improved fleet-wide performance
Smart data backed up by human experience and expertise
Competitive availability for your whole fleet
Technicians servicing third party wind power fleets
When it comes to third-party fleets, Siemens Gamesa is already servicing and upgrading turbines from major turbine manufacturers worldwide.

By building unique partnerships, Siemens Gamesa has been able to create a flexible service offering for wind power plant owners that covers other manufacturers’ turbines, not just our own. Customers benefit from our more than 37 years of experience in the industry with an average fleet availability of over 98%.  

Providing an integrated asset management, our services range from corrective and preventive maintenance to upgrades, and balance of plant solutions to energy management services. In everything we do, our focus is on creating a sustainable and safe working environment for all employees and customers alike.

Service highlights
Flexible service plans meet specific operational needs. From essential models, where experienced customers assume part of the risk, through comprehensive services which include service, upgrades and expert analysis, to Asset Management, where Siemens Gamesa manages your wind farm for you.
A full scope of services is offered for third-party fleets. These can range from operational and maintenance solutions through to energy management, including preventive maintenance, life extensions, facilities management, and energy forecasting.
Siemens Gamesa is fostering learning across competence domains, connecting over 700 experts within the business. We’re seeing the conversion of big data into value, the incorporation of siting and loads information into control algorithms, and aerodynamic upgrades of blades, all of which feed into the services we can offer.
Need help?
The solutions we provide are driven by the benefits they deliver. This applies as much to our pursuit of absolute safety as to maximizing your return. Whether by inventing a new technology, evolving an existing product, or simply finding a smarter way of working, we strive to lower costs and raise returns on investments.
Our experts are on hand to help with any questions you have. Email us, or login to our customer service portals. Here you’ll be able to monitor configuration, production, and agreements for your wind power plants, and find relevant news from Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy.
Wind Dialogue
This customer service portal enables you to monitor configuration, production, and agreements for any wind power plant supplied by former Siemens Wind Power.
Customer Portal
Customers of former Gamesa Corporación Tecnológica products can access an intuitive repository of reports and management tools to improve the efficiency of their wind turbines and wind farms on the following platform:
This service offering is part of a comprehensive portfolio that we have compiled over three decades of wind service tradition. At Siemens Gamesa, turbines and operational services come from a single source to make it easy for you to get the maximum performance out of your wind power plants.
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