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Siemens Gamesa has a proven track record of excellence in operation and maintenance. We have been at the forefront of the renewable energy sector for more than 40 years; customers can rely on us not only to service their current onshore and offshore needs but to anticipate future requirements as well. Leveraging scale and global reach, we offer a flexible service portfolio that can be tailored to our customers’ diverse operating models along the entire lifetime of their Siemens Gamesa or multibrand turbines.

We provide advanced diagnostics and digitalization capabilities, high-quality, on-schedule, and cost-effective repair services, a comprehensive catalog of original and reconditioned/overhauled parts as well as customized asset optimization solutions.

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Lifetime care you can trust

To fully tap the potential of wind power for the greatest return on investment, every aspect of your power plant needs to be considered. Here, the operation, maintenance and optimization of your assets are all key opportunities for lowering the cost of energy.

Our engineer-driven products and solutions leverage all the power of digitalization to deliver smart, efficient and sustainable services that support customers along the whole value chain ensuring a solid and profitable business. With an average turbine availability of 98% over the last decade, Siemens Gamesa can attest to how effective comprehensive operation and maintenance (O&M) and adaptable service features are.

Delivening to customer needs

Add-on services to enhance every angle
Keep your wind turbines up and running at peak performance through our best-in-class asset optimization portfolio. Extend the lifetime of your aging fleets and optimize their value through aftermarket solutions that combine Life Extension program with Annual Energy Production (AEP) and wind turbine upgrades, advanced analytics and remote diagnostics, cybersecurity and grid compliance solutions.

Efficient repairs just when and where you need them and a complete catalog provide full coverage for your wind turbine parts during the whole operating life of your assets.

Integrating assets beyond wind
The path to a cleaner tomorrow requires engineering excellence applied to advanced hybrid asset integration and optimization solutions, including hydrogen and storage. To this end, we are driving decarbonization and are deploying creative new business models in the service of this higher goal.

Unlimited service excellence across turbine technologies
We apply our service expertise to all turbines, no matter the make. The history of Siemens Gamesa includes the DNA of five OEMs, providing a multibrand mindset and access to a wide swath of intellectual property that is unique in the industry. Always seeking to improve the reliability and performance of our customers’ assets, we bring the full engineering prowess of a leading OEM to our multibrand service offering.


Service facts and figures
>82 GW
Turbines serviced worldwide
Turbines serviced worldwide
Average availability delivered
Four ways our service solutions support your business model

1. Efficient maintenance and repair solutions, no matter the make.

2. Optimized performance through Aftermarket add-ons.

3. Flexible approaches to meet any service needs.

4. Highly-skilled and passionate team dedicated to innovating to answer your fleet’s needs.


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