Offshore wind in the U.S.:

No longer a matter of if but when

Ten years ago offshore wind in the U.S. was only a dream

Orlando/ October 28, 2019

Now, its quickly becoming a reality. With Siemens Gamesa’s first U.S. project going in the waters next year, it’s full speed ahead. The U.S. is an emerging market for offshore wind. The shape of the industry will radically change in a matter of years.

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Next year, the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind, a first of its kind project, will come online off the coast of Virginia featuring two SG 6.0-154 wind turbines. As the first offshore wind project in U.S. Federal waters., this project marks a major milestone and a gateway to something bigger.

Fast forward 2024, we will have over 1.7 GW installed off the coast of Virginia, Rhode Island and New York. And this is just the start. States all along the East Coast have set ambitious energy targets that can only be achieved with offshore wind. In fact, the industry pipeline is estimated at an impressive 25 GW.

To put that in perspective, 25 GW would provide enough clean energy for 12 million average U.S. households. – that’s 10% of the U.S.! To meet the demands of such a robust pipeline, 181,000 jobs are expected to be created by 2050. As early as 2030, that could mean 36,000 full-time jobs.

It’s no secret that the industry shows a lot of potential and promise, and we are ready to rise to the challenge. To learn more about offshore wind, click here.
USA Offshore future market infographic


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