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Children are the future. They have not only changed the debate around the environmental crisis, increasing its relevance and urgency , but they have become the key to change. Our planet needs committed young people whose concern about the climate crisis leads them in the future to face titanic challenges such as designing less polluting cities or generating more environmentally sustainable production techniques. At Siemens Gamesa we are working hard to spread this message to future generations.

We continue to strive to let children know that changing the world is in their hands. At Siemens Gamesa we want to involve everyone who is committed to building a cleaner and more sustainable future. That is why, at Wind Energy for Kids, we provide them with a space to develop their interest, creativity and imagination, bringing them closer to wind energy and making them part of the urgency of changing the planet’s course.
Cut-outs, exercises and games
At Siemens Gamesa we work every day fighting against climate change. That’s what we have been doing for many years; focusing on clean, reliable and affordable energy. At Wind Energy for Kids, we want children to join us and play as they explore the world of wind energy. Through the following exercises, cut-outs and games, kids can discover everything from how clean energy is produced to what components are needed to build their own wind turbine.

Come and discover the fascinating world of wind energy!
Wind story
Around 200 years ago the first scientists began to analyze the phenomenon of climate change. In order to tackle this problem, which has become a real climate crisis, society has adapted the use of renewable energies to its daily life. But do we know exactly how these energies sources are created and what they bring to our planet?

Discover Mary's story to learn more about renewable energies!

Take part and send us your creative ideas! The best ones will be published on our company’s communication channels.

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