Education and food aid the fight against child labor

SGRE Impact Project Special COVID-19 in Mexico

Mexico City / 15 July 2020

Siemens Gamesa plans to support a diverse range of projects through a contribution of €80,000 to help combat the effects of  COVID-19 in Mexico. Among the 12 programs that are part of the SGRE Impact social project worldwide, one of them will be managed by SEDAC. I.A.P., which will help children from 3 to 12 years old in low-income communities gain access to quality education and balanced food packages for the duration of the pandemic. This initiative is committed to eradicating child labor in the brickyard area of Mexico City. 
Social Projects Specialist
According to ECLAC reports (Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean), one of the greatest risks for children in developing countries such as Mexico is that after the crisis caused by COVID-19, many girls and boys drop out of school to financially support their families, either because the father or mother lost their job or because they died of the disease. 
Mexico ranks second in Latin America with the most cases of child labor. This leaves a mark for life on many children and takes them away from a future of opportunities, because without a formal education it is almost impossible for them to break the cycle of poverty. 

SEDAC started in Santa Bárbara, in the Ixtapaluca State of Mexico over 38 years ago. For almost four decades, they have supported more than 11,000 students preventing girls and boys from being child labor in making and selling bricks. This organization gives them free, high-quality education and balanced food for better learning. 
Mexico ranks second in Latin America with the most cases of child labor
The best gift for their children: a good education and healthy eating
For Siemens Gamesa, the importance of donating resources in projects such as SEDAC’s lies in providing education for girls and boys in poverty for a better future; offer them a good diet that prevents them from being more vulnerable to COVID-19 and that helps them improve their academic performance; supporting teachers as key agents for educational progress and, finally, reducing vandalism rates among adolescents. 
In recent times of rising cases of COVID-19 in Mexico we have also witnessed the solidarity and commitment that we all have to help those who need it most to get ahead. It is in times of crisis, such as the one we are now experiencing, we have to demonstrate how much we care about the communities close to our operations and support those who will help shape and color our future ... the children of Mexico. We are committed to giving them the best gift anyone could want for their children: a good education and healthy eating. 

"The teaching that leaves its mark is not the one done from head to head, but from heart to heart", Howard G. Hendricks. 


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