When it comes to the climate crisis: Actions Speak Louder

Madrid / 16 June 2022

Actions speak louder than words. Delivering on the Glasgow Climate Pact agreed at COP26, and supporting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, requires all of us to act, and act now with urgency.  

For Siemens Gamesa, protecting the planet for future generations is not just a job but a passion. Tackling climate change requires us to make dramatic changes, and to do this we need to act today, not tomorrow. Our generation will be judged on how we respond to the climate crisis and on the actions we take to keep global temperature rises this century to between 1.5 and 2°C. The stakes are high, and by achieving this we can safeguard the future for generations to come. Collectively, we need to act with urgency.

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But it’s not just about reducing emissions - our climate efforts must go hand-in-hand with measures to reduce inequality, broaden access to education and combat poverty too. Which is why we have designed our ambitious Sustainability Vision 2040 to build on existing achievements and push the boundaries of sustainability to achieve climate justice for all. Siemens Gamesa’s strategy, aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, focuses not just on ambitious targets, but on the actions needed to deliver them.

The time for words without action is over which is why we are launching the #ActionsSpeakLouder initiative. The scale of the challenge may be significant, but by acting together, we can all help to bring about meaningful change.
The RecyclableBlade marks an exciting first step on the path to a 100% recyclable turbine
Carbon positive by 2040
As a business, 2019 marked a major milestone in Siemens Gamesa’s journey to reduce emissions as the company became carbon neutral, and its climate targets were verified by the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi). However, the goal is to go beyond this with the aim to become carbon positive in 2040. This will be achieved with a carbon intensity rate of zero-emissions per MW installed without any offset compensation measures. This is an ambitious target, but it is achievable thanks to the shared commitment and motivation of our employees, partners and communities.
A sustainable supply chain by 2040
While being on a journey to carbon neutrality is something to be proud of, it is important to recognize that over 80% of the carbon footprint of Siemens Gamesa wind turbines occurs in our supply chain. It also must be acknowledged that Siemens Gamesa is only a small part of the network, and that facilitating a truly green transition requires change across the value chain. Since being recognized as a Supplier Engagement Leader by the Carbon Disclosure Project, there is increased determination in the company to build on this success. Siemen Gamesa has developed a comprehensive framework integrating our suppliers sustainability performance into our supplier selection and development processes.
On track to deliver a fully recyclable turbine by 2040
Siemens Gamesa prides itself on being pioneers of wind circularity and is an active champion of the circular economy. The 2021 launch of the world’s first recyclable blade for commercial use offshore is testament to the dedication of our employees and partners to wind circularity. The RecyclableBlade marks an exciting first step on the path to a 100% recyclable turbine, which Siemens Gamesa is committed to bringing to market by 2040.
Redefining what it means to be a good employer
Truly dedicated employees make Siemens Gamesa what it is. Being a socially responsible employer is the highest priority and ethical behaviour is embedded across all of Siemens Gamesa’s business activities and value chain. The safety and wellbeing of employees is a key priority and work is constantly being done to improve standards across the industry. Siemens Gamesa has also pledged to increase female representation in the workforce to 30% by 2040, developed an inclusive parental policy and is actively promoting LGBTI diversity across the globe.
Siemens Gamesa Sustainability Vision 2040 wants to achieve climate justice for all
Action to support the communities in which we work
As a large player in the industry, Siemens Gamesa has a duty to contribute to the sustainable development of the communities in which it operates. In line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, the business is focused on combating poverty and promoting technological education in these regions, to ensure that communities are equipped with the skills they need for a digital future.

We can and must tackle the global climate crisis. By working hand-in-hand with our customers, partners and industry stakeholders, we must commit to taking the action we need to deliver on our commitments. We can and must act now.


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