Offshore wind power in Cuxhaven

Offshore wind power in Cuxhaven

Inside a modern wind turbine factory

How climate and people benefit
Reliable offshore wind energy is vital for energy transition. In 2018, Siemens Gamesa opened a modern factory for offshore wind turbines in Cuxhaven, Germany. Located on the waterfront, it created about 1.000 jobs for the region.
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Cuxhaven offshore factory

Producing giants of the sea
Wind turbine factory with sea view

Wind turbines are getting bigger and bigger, especially offshore. This is great for energy output, but a challenge for transportation. Road transportation is reaching its limits for offshore wind components. Current rotor blades are 94 meters long and nacelles weigh as much as 400 tons – a serious issue for classic transportation methods. 

Therefore, Siemens Gamesa searched for an alternative – and came up with a central production site directly on the coast: an offshore nacelle factory in close proximity to the edge of one of Germany’s North Sea ports, allowing direct transportation of large and heavy wind turbine components by ship from the factory to wind power plants at sea. And with “roll on roll of” (ro/ro) handling, no more heavy lifting is necessary.

Largest offshore factory in Germany

Construction work on the 55,000 square meter factory began in June 2016 and production started up in mid-2017. Siemens Gamesa inaugurated the factory in 2018. It supplies large offshore projects in the North Sea, together with the rotor blade plant in Hull, UK and the Esbjerg site in Denmark. 

The Cuxhaven plant is the largest production facility of its kind in Germany. In the one-stop production facility, the assembly of generators and hubs as well as the backend section for our offshore wind turbine nacelles takes place. The wind turbine factory in Cuxhaven created 1000 jobs, whereof 650 people are directly employed with Siemens Gamesa. More than half of them are occupied directly in manufacturing. 

The production processes in the 32-meter-high factory building are kept lean for efficiency: A digital material flow control ensures short service life and availability of all components in the correct sequence. Modern industrial robots equip the generators with magnets and thus ensure optimal product quality. Digital systems document numerous test processes and the individual production steps. 

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Career options

Becoming part of an innovative team in Cuxhaven
For an exciting project like the new Cuxhaven wind turbine factory, we are highly dependent on people. Only if the teams work together with passion can we provide the amount of green energy for generations to come that we are aiming for. What we are looking for is people with character who have a pioneering attitude, team spirit and the drive to learn.
Jobs in Cuxhaven: Passionate people are always welcome
Looking for people with character

Over 800 people work at the Cuxhaven plant. The focus of our activity is production. For this reason, assembly workers and master craftsmen with a mechanical or electrical background are in great demand.

Also, young talents who want to start their career with us are highly welcome to join the Siemens Gamesa family in Cuxhaven. Apply for an apprenticeship as an electronics technician for industrial engineering or as an electronics technician for automation engineering. By the way, girls are especially welcome!
A breath of fresh air for your career

In Cuxhaven, we offer one of the most modern production facilities in Germany – if not beyond – within an exciting, future-proof industry and in an internationally growing company. The Siemens Gamesa plant sets standards in efficiency and quality by integrating digital solutions into the production process.

But it’s not just the technology that is cutting-edge. At Siemens Gamesa, we promote diversity and an open culture supported by an attractive rate system for long-lasting relationships with our employees. Furthermore, our employees benefit from a well-organized work environment with:

  • 35 hours a week and overtime account
  • Employer-funded pension
  • Positive working atmosphere with a lot of team spirit
  • Freedom to realize your ideas
  • Modern offices and work space
  • Development opportunities
  • A healthy cafeteria and employee discounts



Jobs in a future-proof industry

Opportunities and prospects

Work and life in Cuxhaven
Working in Cuxhaven means working in a city that is family-friendly, close to the sea and highly recreational. But you will also find urban life, culture and good infrastructure. Plus, the famous harbor city of Hamburg is less than two hours away.
Quality of life in Cuxhaven: The North Sea is always close
Picture source: City of Cuxhaven/NHC
Living on the waterfront
In Cuxhaven, 50,000 people live at the northernmost tip of Lower Saxony, directly by the sea. This location gives the city a special charm for the residents as well as for tourists. With more than three and a half million overnight stays a year, Cuxhaven is today the top health resort in Germany. One reason for this is that the tourist district is completely separated from the industrial neighborhood. The broad range of offers in terms of kindergartens and schools, sport and leisure facilities, as well as the city’s commitment to culture ensures excellent quality of life for residents and visitors.
A family-friendly town with a blend of urban and village life
A mixture of urbanity and village coziness, good infrastructure and accessibility makes Cuxhaven a very nice place to live. Cuxhaven has a wide range of residential options, from two-room apartments with lake views to rural properties with extensive grounds. And it is extremely attractively priced, whether renting or buying.
Family-friendly Cuxhaven: leisure activities for all ages
Picture source: City of Cuxhaven/NHC
How a wind turbine is transported


Ein moderner Arbeitsplatz in Cuxhaven
Offshore Anlagen direkt am Wasser herstellen

Offshore Windenergie ist ein wichtiger Bestandteil des erneuerbaren Energiemixes – denn auf See weht der Wind zuverlässiger als an Land. Dementsprechend bauen viele Betreiber ihre Offshore-Parks mit größeren Turbinen. Doch die Komponenten mit ihrem Gewicht und ihrer Sperrigkeit zu transportieren, wird immer schwieriger. Siemens Gamesa hat deshalb in 2018 eine neue Fabrik für Offshore Windräder eingeweiht, die direkt am Wasser liegt: In Cuxhaven an der Nordsee. Wir transportieren unsere Turbinen dadurch nicht mehr über Straßen, sondern können sie direkt auf Schiffe laden.

Unser Cuxhavener Standort schafft rund 1.000 hochmoderne Arbeitsplätze in der Region. Und das in einer Stadt mit hoher Lebensqualität: direkt am Nordseestrand gelegen, ist Cuxhaven sonst eher für Tourismus bekannt. Wirtschaftsingenieur Kristoffer Mordhorst ist einer der Beschäftigten bei Siemens Gamesa in Cuxhaven. 2016 ist er für Siemens Gamesa nach Cuxhaven, in die Stadt seiner Kindheit, zurückgekehrt. "Bereut habe ich diesen Schritt bis heute nicht. Im Gegenteil: ich werbe dafür, dass es sich in Cuxhaven gut arbeiten und gut leben lässt". 

Daher sind vor allem Montagemitarbeiter und Meister mit mechanischem oder elektrischem Hintergrund gefragt. Aber auch Fachleute im Bereich Einkauf, Qualität, Arbeitsschutz und Finanzen unterstützen in Cuxhaven die Fertigung der Offshore-Anlagen. Auch Sie möchten Teil unseres Teams werden? Sie möchten gemeinsam mit anderen etwas bewegen, fachlich routiniert Ihre Freiräume gestalten und Neues dazu lernen? Genau diese Haltung ist bei Siemens Gamesa gefragt. Finden Sie die Stelle, die zu Ihnen passt.

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