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Meet our colleagues: Their passion and the excellent contribution they make to diagnostic services to field operations, repairs and reconditioning solutions and product development. Discover their passion and what excellent contribution our colleagues make to achieve a cleaner and better future together.

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That’s a wrap

This final video wraps up the seven distinct episodes of our video series! We invite you to watch this final episode to revisit the best moments and key learnings!



From sensor signals to significant customer benefits 


Episode 1 – Remote Diagnostics Centers


To start your tour behind the scenes, come with us into one of our Remote Diagnostics Centers and see how we use data to even predict the future!


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Episode 2 – Weather Forecast system


Love to talk about the weather and energy? Excellent! Watch this video and discover how we use the most accurate 'Operational Weather Forecast system' to maximize your wind farms' profitability.

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Episode 3 – Remote Operations Centers


Discover a fascinating location: we open our doors to one of our Remote Operations Centers.

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Episode 4 – Environment, Health Safety, and Training


No drama, guaranteed! Experience first-hand at one of our training facilities how we create awareness and teach concrete measures to protect everything and everyone under all conditions.

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Episode 5 – Offshore logistics


More than three decades of pioneering service logistics in the worlds most demanding environment: offshore. A unique track record, that motivates us to take our experience further and further. With new concepts, tools and even vessels. See how we make offshore service logistics as smooth as possible.

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Episode 6 – Repair and Reconditioning


Better than a new part: maximizing the lifetime and efficiency of existing parts and when needed, repairing and refurbishing it in a way that you can not tell if it is a new or repaired part. In this episode you will see how this is done, step by step.


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Episode 7 – Product Development and Design


In this last episode, you will see how we involve customers, suppliers and employees from all departments in our product development. Why? To make a joint contribution to a better world. Because from innovations for the entire industry to improving the energy yield of turbines to more sustainable and performant products – the work of our engineers and experts should lead directly to one thing: added value for all of us.

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Our promise: You're in good company

At Siemens Gamesa, we firmly believe that 100% renewable energy is possible. We are reshaping the future of clean energy to help reach net zero by 2050. Our sheer dedication takes us closer to our common goal and welds us together as a company and as one big team with our partners and customers. Meet, among others, our engineers, data analysts, technicians, product managers, R&D teams and sales representatives and you.


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