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Performance Upgrades

Increase performance of your Senvion turbines
Our engineers have developed a series of performance enhancing hardware and software technologies to further improve the performance of your Senvion turbines. Each feature can achieve an increase in Annual Energy Production (AEP). You can choose the feature which delivers the highest increase in output based on site-specific conditions or combine them to benefit from the aggregate increase in AEP.
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Key Facts
  • Series of performance enhancing products for Senvion wind turbines
  • Boosting the Annual Energy Production of Senvion wind turbines
  • Improving public acceptance of wind energy
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All Senvion wind turbines MM series and 3.XM series

Asset optimization products
Turbine Control Upgrade 2.0
Vortex Generator
Life Extension
Operation with ice
Rotor Blade Ice detection
Smart Aviation Light
Turbine Control Upgrade 2.0

If you wish to increase significantly the Annual Energy Production (AEP) of your Senvion wind turbines, we have the solution for you! The Turbine Control Upgrade 2.0 is a smart combination of five high-performance features increasing the AEP of Senvion turbines by 1.8% on average*. It consists of further optimization of two proven features provided within the previous version and the addition of three newly developed features. The illustration below visualizes how the power curve of the wind turbine behaves when the solution is installed.

Benefits of Turbine Control Upgrade 2.0:
  • Particularly effective for turbines located on complex terrain and low air density
  • Site specific adjustment of start-up speed based on self-learning algorithms
  • Optimized yaw behavior increases the AEP
  • Reduction of loads due to improved rotor alignment
  • Increased power output in upper partial load area by higher rotor speed
  • Optimized pitch behavior under high turbulence wind conditions increases the annual energy production
  • Reduced idle time increases output at high wind speed

*depending on turbine type and sites conditions.

Vortex Generators
The efficiency of wind turbine rotor blades is decreased, when flow separation from the blade occurs. The Vortex Generators for Senvion wind turbines are fin-shaped aerodynamic devices which optimize airflow. They significantly reduce the occurrence of flow separation, stalling of the blade and increase lift and thus output. Vortex generators can be retrofit to achieve a significant increase in AEP.
Benefits of Vortex Generators
  • Increase in AEP
  • Based on mature and proven aerospace technology
  • Service and maintenance included in the Integrated Service Package
  • Developed in-house for optimal effectiveness
Noise protection is of great importance for wind farms located close to residential areas. The extended serrations, a comb-like structure which is attached to the blade tip and helps break up airflow around the blades, will reduce the Senvion turbines sound power level by up to 2dB.
Benefits of Serrations
  • Increase of overall blade area to add lift
  • Up to 2dB reduction of turbine sound power level
  • Optimization of sound management to prevent sound curtailment
  • AEP increase through prevention of sound curtailment
Life Extension
Most turbines reach the end of their planned service life after 20 years of operation. What if they could stay in operation for five or ten more years?
With the life extension product, we offer a range of additional services including end of lifetime and contract assessment to determine whether your wind turbine is a good candidate for a lifetime extension.
Operation with Ice
Due to icing, the wind turbines often need to be stopped when ice is detected, resulting in AEP losses. The product ‘Operation with Ice’ maximizes your turbine’s performance under icy conditions by reducing the operating power efficiently and reliably, thus reducing complete stops. When no ice is detected by the ice detection systems, the turbine goes back into normal operation.
Benefits of Operating with Ice
  • Increase in AEP in icy conditions
Rotor Blade Ice Detection
The product Rotor Blade Ice Detection reliably detects the presence of ice on the blades and automatically starts the turbine when the rotor is free of ice. No visual inspection is required. Fiber-optic sensors mounted on the rotor blades measure the natural frequency of the rotor blades which changes when ice forms.
Benefits of Rotor Blade Ice Detection
  • Reliable ice detection on the rotor blade reduces downtime
  • Individual monitoring of each blade during operation and at a standstill
  • Automatic restart if no ice is detected, without visual inspection
  • No increased risk of lightning strikes thanks to fiber-optic sensors
The timeline below visualizes the gained uptime by rotor blade ice detection
Smart Aviation Light
In Germany, the new Energy Collection Act (EnSaG) will require on-demand activation of the aviation lights system when an aircraft approaches wind turbine at night (known as BNK). The Smart Aviation Light is compliant with the German AVV law requirements. This solution is also interesting for other countries to enhance public acceptance of wind energy. With this solution, the aviation lights of the wind turbines are only activated at night when an aircraft is within an air space with a radius of four kilometers around each turbine.
Benefits of Smart Aviation Light:
  • Compatible with the existing service contract
  • Compatible with all turbine systems
  • Compatible with renowned signal providers
  • Compatible with neighbouring wind farms
  • Equipment covered by the existing service contract (Senvion ISP contract)



Whether you need someone to maintain and run every aspect of your onshore or offshore wind farm, or just require help with a particular aspect – blades or gearboxes, for example – Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy offers a flexible portfolio that adapts to any operational need.

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Asset optimization services
Asset optimization services

As a true lifetime service partner, Siemens Gamesa has pioneered fleet upgrades that combine innovation and operational excellence. Our engineer-driven Annual Energy Production (AEP) upgrades, wind turbine retrofits, and other optimization solutions have been developed to meet your needs.

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Spares and repairs for wind turbines
Spares and repairs for wind turbines

Siemens Gamesa has the global scale and operational experience to support you wherever you need us, and a comprehensive portfolio of spares (new and refurbished), repairs, reconditioning services as well as advance main component exchange processes – all built on the highest safety and quality standards. A repairs expert you can rely on to deliver a solution long before it might become necessary. Get the most out of your turbines, all the time.

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Service offshore logistics


Offshore Logistics: Smooth service on the rough seas
Offshore Logistics: Smooth service on the rough seas

Service operation vessels are revolutionizing the offshore market by cutting maintenance costs.

90% uptime

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Multibrand services for wind turbines


Multibrand: Expertise extended to third-party fleets
Multibrand: Expertise extended to third-party fleets

Our multibrand services bring operational excellence and advanced analytics to all your wind turbine makes.

40+ years
98% uptime

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