New customer portal in the making

Transparency. Collaboration. Responsiveness.

Brande / 3 June 2020

“We are building one common digital interface to our customers – across all of Siemens Gamesa. Digital is the new black and a necessity if we are to be a trusted partner in tomorrow’s world. The journey has just started – and it is all about continuous improvement in every essence of the word.” Morten Thy Asmussen – Head of Sales Excellence and Marketing.
Implementation Manager
Morten Thy Asmussen is the owner of the new customer portal. ”Our mission is to make our customers’ lives as easy as possible, by providing a single point of access to a professional and trusted partnership,” he says.

Customers previously had several points of entry into Siemens Gamesa, but the new customer portal will over time deliver a single point of entry, covering the entire lifecycle of a project. Regardless of the phase of your project – from you show an interest in our products until your turbines are decommissioned
– you will soon find everything in this one portal.

As your project progresses through its lifecycle, more and more content will be made available to you, within the frames defined in your contract with us. A wide variety of tools and applications – available via the customer portal 24/7 – will make the ways of collaborating more effective, the communication lines shorter and personalized dashboards will make the overview of your assets more transparent.

Transparency. Collaboration. Responsiveness. These are the core values of the customer portal, and you can read more about the essence of these three words in the flyer.

With the new customer portal, you are just one click away from a self-service- and collaboration universe that gives you full transparency of project progress and assets performance. We are covering your assets through the entire life cycle, ensuring a direct line to a professional and trusted partnership.

The journey has begun, and the finish line is getting near. We invite you to join! You can follow progress of the project and get more information about what you get via this customer portal right here on this page.


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