SGRE Impact fuels employees passion to make a difference

Real help to our communities

Madrid / 15 February 2021

With nine projects that will improve the lives of an estimated 450,000 people across eight countries, the fourth edition of SGRE Impact, has its work cut out. But with employees who truly care about the projects they nominated and are working with non-profit organization partners that are closely involved with these local communities, this global initiative is poised to deliver meaningful social impact
Social Commitment Manager
Since 2018, Siemens Gamesa’s SGRE Impact initiative, encourages the company’s employees from around the world, to advocate causes they’re passionate about, and mobilize funding as well as volunteers in some cases, to participate in these projects. The goal: effect positive change in the local communities in which the global wind energy pioneer is present.
Projects will improve the lives of an estimated 450,000 people
This year, Siemens Gamesa tasked with selecting the final projects, meticulously reviewed 75 project applications from 36 countries, a clear indicator of how committed and involved our teams from around the world are, to this initiative.
Tackling the most pressing issues
Reducing poverty, fight climate change and push technological education, are recurring themes in the projects that made the final cut. These are in line with the company’s commitment to align its focus to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.
Aiming to provide 413,561 refugees and host communities with sustainable livelihoods, the ‘Reforestation and Sustainable livelihoods response for refugees in Kenya’, is the most ambitious project in terms of the beneficiaries it will impact. Food recovery and rescue projects in Portugal and Mexico will provide food security to 7,000 people in Lisbon’s Telheiras center and 4,800 underprivileged in Mexico City’s Eastern zone.

In the United States, Brazil, India and the UK, the projects focus on children’s education, addressing inequities, providing vocational training, or exposing them to STEM or the climate action. These education-related projects are expected to improve the lives of more than 7,600 children across these countries.

This year also reflects today’s reality - in response to the pandemic, Spain’s ‘Plan Sumamos Salud + Economia’ proposes setting up a massive testing facility to protect the local community by identifying and isolating COVID-positive cases quickly, free of cost to potentially 7,000 people.

Most of these projects are scheduled to run for a period of 12 months
It’s not just about the money

Most of these projects are scheduled to run for a period of 12 months and more than half the projects will require some form of volunteering from Siemens Gamesa’s employees in these countries.

Volunteers identify with these causes closely and want to invest their time and energy to improve the lives of those less privileged. Take the ‘Bokatas – fighting homelessness’ project. During the year, 12 volunteers will spend time with 650 homeless people in Madrid offer them food and invite them to the NGO’s center where they can clean up; this is much needed at a time when the pandemic has forced closure of public sanitation amenities, and people, particularly the homeless, are struggling with solitude.

Employees identify with these causes closely
“Through SGRE Impact, we are enabling our people to make a meaningful difference in their neighborhoods. While we’re a global business, our employees live and work in local communities,” notes María Cortina, Head of Social Commitment in Siemens Gamesa “The enthusiasm shown by our employees and the nature of projects they are keen to take on has grown in scale and ambition with each edition of SGRE Impact, and we’re more than happy to be able to support them.”
SGRE Impact is part of our endeavor to be a socially responsible and sustainable business, and good global corporate citizen. To learn more, visit Social Commitment at Siemens Gamesa.


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