Building a sustainable future requires everyone to step up

London / 25 June 2020

In March, when we launched the #cleanfuturenow initiative we said that our world stands at a crossroads. The choices being made by politicians, corporations and citizens around the world will define the future of our planet for generations to come. As we all know, the need for swift and decisive action is great.

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This remains as true today as it was four months ago. However, the devastating impact of COVID-19 on our societies and economies, has led to increased complexity as the world faces a triple threat of crises in public health, the global economy and our rapidly-changing climate.

Our challenge is to look at how we can respond to this combined crisis in a way that ensures we recover in a way that is sustainable, socially, economically and environmentally. Throughout the #cleanfuturenow initiative, we’ve sought to do justice to the sheer variety of these responses. Academics, corporations, communities, and governments are all mobilizing on a global scale to protect the integrity of our environment while we still can.
Siemens Gamesa show the variety of people working day in day out to stop the harmful effects of climate change
In recent years, the financial community have realized the influential role they can play in enabling both a sustainable and profitable transition to a net-zero economy. We spoke to Professor Nick Robins from the London School of Economics’ Grantham Research Institute about sustainable financing and greening monetary policy, highlighting that every sector will have a role to play in saving our planet.

We engaged with our own employees here at Siemens Gamesa to show the variety of people working day in day out to stop the harmful effects of climate change. Whether that’s our engineer who corresponds with refugees, the host of ambitious women working for us across the world, or employees like Rusty Curniuk who have left fossil fuel companies to join us in transforming the world’s energy mix our company knows, perhaps better than any other, the focus and determination it takes to successfully build a renewable energy future.
And we’ve traced the ever-increasing popularity and sophistication of wind turbines across the globe, highlighting the inescapable rise of onshore wind in Sweden as well as the intricacies of driving as many benefits from wind turbines as possible through repowering.

Global warming requires us to act today, not tomorrow. We need to think in a joined-up way to protect livelihoods, support economic growth and investment, and deliver on the energy transition. If we don’t, we will fail in our duty to protect our planet and our society. We believe our mission is to unite these three aims.
We need to harness the best ideas
Innovative and integrated thinking is required today more than ever. As governments around the world become more interventionist about addressing the challenges we face, both the wider market and society needs to become so too. While policy can create the framework and context, it is up to investors and companies to rethink how to deliver long-term value that promotes sustainability, and up to consumers and citizens to make more conscious choices. The EU Green Recovery Fund offers a once-in-a-generation opportunity to build back better in a way that safeguards progress towards the goals enshrined in the Paris Agreement.
We recognize too it is people that drive change
We need to embrace talent
We recognize too it is people that drive change. This is never truer than with climate change. Each and every one of us needs to become a change agent when it comes to addressing the climate emergency. The solution does not lie solely with engineers and scientists, it lies equally with financiers, entrepreneurs, policy specialists and consumers. Only by harnessing the talents and contribution of all around a shared purpose, can we tackle climate change. We need to translate our activism into tangible action in the pursuit of a cleaner, greener future. Whether it is the consumer buying more sustainable products, the investor prioritizing longer-term value over immediate return, or the lawmaker validating policy against its impact on the environment.
Late 2019, Siemens Gamesa became carbon-neutral for the first time
We need to deploy cutting edge technology and innovation
The power of thinking and people needs to be matched with a relentless focus on technology and innovation. We recognize that new technologies will play a key role in decarbonizing the global economy. The story of the renewables sector has been one of continued innovation and development. Whether it is innovation in wind, solar, hydro, energy storage or sector coupling, we need to continue to invest, test and experiment. Balancing the grid and ensuring that renewable energy is able to power rising living standards and economic prosperity, will come through a shared approach to innovation.
As a global leader in renewable energy, we are committed to playing our part in delivering a clean future and worldwide sustainable development.  Late 2019, Siemens Gamesa became carbon-neutral for the first time. It’s a bold step on our journey towards net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 and it’s one that we hope to see replicated in many global companies in every sector.

Our world faces great challenge. But with commitment, optimism and inventiveness, together we can create a future that is cleaner, greener and more sustainable. By stepping up to the challenges of today we can build a #cleanfuturenow.


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