SG 4.4-164 for the U.S.A. market

High capacity factor onshore turbine

Delivering on our promise to the American market
New SG 4.4-164 Class S, high capacity factor wind turbine designed to maximize revenue by harnessing the wind conditions common in the U.S.
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Rotor diameter
164 m
Nominal power
4.4 MW​
Special features
Key Facts
  • High capacity factor solution built for the U.S. market.
  • Meets the unique requirements of U.S. wind sites.
  • IntegralBlade® technology including aero-performance enhancers DinoTails® and DinoShells ®.
  • Single-piece blade, main components transportable by rail streamline constructability.
  • Efficient yaw system with high retention and orientation capacity.
Recommended for

Class S and medium winds, onshore location

Also featured for the U.S. market
Model Rotor Dia. Wind type
SG 2.9-129 129 m Wind class S
Building America’s energy future​
Technical specifications​
Rated power 4.4 MW
Flexible power rating Site specific​
IEC Class S (25 years lifetime) ​
Control Pitch and variable speed​
Rotor diameter 164 m
Swept area 21,124 m² ​
Technology Geared
Blade length 81 m
Generator Doubly-fed induction machine​
Designed for the U.S. market: the SG 4.4-164 wind turbine​



Siemens Gamesa’s next generation high capacity factor SG 4.4-164 wind turbine is a highly flexible and versatile turbine that has been developed based on the needs of those customers developing projects in the U.S. wind power market. The turbine has the right design profile to maximize revenues by harnessing the wind conditions most common in the U.S. and features a design lifetime longer than the industry standard.

Development of the SG 4.4-164 turbine represents Siemens Gamesa’s commitment to create value for our customers through the continuous development of technologies that improve performance, competitiveness, and quality excellence. The model leverages both established and updated platform design to minimize costs and streamline constructability.

The SG 4.4-164 incorporates a combination of a three-stage  gearbox (two planetary stages and one parallel), and a doubly fed asynchronous generator. The high-performance passive cooler outside the nacelle and the cabinet’s improved ventilation ensures efficient thermal conditioning and performance at higher temperature sites.

Technological highlights
Turbine sensors continuously transmit data to our diagnostic centers, enabling the early detection of anomalies and preventing potential failures. By analyzing vibration patterns we can optimize your service plan and anticipate repairs before serious damage occurs.
Our onshore approach is focused on geared technology, in which we have extensive knowledge and expertise. The hallmarks of Siemens Gamesa turbines are: reliability, robustness and a modular, flexible design for optimum adaptation and maximization of production at any site and in all wind conditions.
Thanks to OptimaFlex technology, we go beyond the traditional off-the-shelf approach that results in products that are sub-optimal for many sites, and we deliver a uniquely tailored solution that is perfect for our customers’ specific needs. Optimized site design combined with a customizable product platform, based on flexible power rating, site specific towers and optimized BoP solutions, allow Siemens Gamesa to deliver reduced LCoE by increasing AEP while optimizing cost.
As an aerodynamic blade add-on, DinoTails® reduces the sound power levels by using a serrated trailing edge mounted at the blade. This world-leading noise reduction technology enables us to create value for our customers by maximizing AEP and reducing the LCoE in sites with noise constraints.
Siemens Gamesa's Ice detection and Operation with Ice system offers functionality that extends the range of operation during ice conditions. The main configurable options determine if maximum production or maximum safety is required. 
Blade is protected against erosion by SGRE PowerEdge™ solution. This high-quality protection consists of flexible pre-casted shells applied using an adhesive over blade leading edge. Due to the mechanical properties of PowerEdge™ it absorbs the impact from solid particles and raindrops which may result in the underlying blade surface and structure eroding. The solution is valid for the whole wind turbine lifetime.
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