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Flexible options to meet your O&M needs

Best-in-class maintenance

Keeping your turbines performing at the highest possible level.

Whether you need someone to maintain and run every aspect of your onshore or offshore wind farm, or just require help with a particular aspect – blades or gearboxes, for example – Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy offers a flexible portfolio that adapts to any operational need.

The technical knowledge gained from decades of OEM experience and from maintaining over 80 GW worldwide makes us the experts you can trust with the servicing of your fleet. Our highly- trained teams of technicians and engineers are at your side, safely solving any maintenance issues that might arise and – even better – using analytics and remote diagnostics to alert you before the performance is impacted.

Our range of warranty options allow you to safeguard operations and mitigate risk according to your desired level.

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Flexible Service Programs for every type of customer

We offer tailored service programs and solutions to fit a diverse set of operational strategies, financing requirements and risk management. With our experience of partnering with customers of all sizes and business profiles across the globe, in cooperation with you we will find the solution that works best for your needs. And if you are performing the maintenance of your assets with in-house teams of service technicians, you can benefit from our consultancy around more complex technical issues – or partner with us to find new ways to get even more performance out of your fleet.

We are the go-to resource for any questions involving technology of the legacy companies (Siemens, Gamesa, Senvion, Bonus, and Adwen) whose DNA makes up today`s Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy. Moreover, we have developed innovative solutions to extend the lifetime of your aging assets by bringing them back to state-of-the-art performance levels.

Contract what you need

Siemens Gamesa is committed to providing you flexible, value-driven service programs targeted to your specific operational needs - whether those assets are onshore or offshore.

Our service packages feature the following components:
Offshore Logistics

Turn to Siemens Gamesa for the best-in-class logistical solution for your offshore project. Our offshore logistics team capabilities, experience, and large global fleet enable us to provide the most suitable, reliable, and cost-effective solutions, all the while de-risking your project. Innovative services like our Service Train & Pit Stop Service allows us to optimize the productivity of your project and reduce downtime.


Control business risk with performance warranties
Reduce risk by covering your assets with a warranty that you can count on.

Time-based availability warranty

Ensures that your wind turbines will be up and running and generating power for a certain preset percentage of time.

Yield-based availability warranty

Guarantees that your wind farm will deliver a certain pre-agreed percentage of the total potential energy production of the site.

Revenue-based availability warranty (only for offshore)

Makes sure that your wind farm will deliver a certain pre-agreed percentage of the total potential revenue of the site.

Component warranties 

Offer you peace of mind by reducing the risk of both unexpected – and even predictable – operation and maintenance costs linked to the components of the turbine. Both major (gearbox, generator, blades, nacelle…) and minor (drives, motors, gears, hydraulic cylinders…) component warranties are available.

Remote Services

From Remote Diagnostic facilities in Spain, Denmark and the United Kingdom, we monitor what is most important for the safe and profitable operation of your wind farm, including alarms, warnings, and external factors such as wind, availability, and energy prices. Pinpoint analysis of sensor data allows us to predict maintenance issues far in advance and advise you on what needs attention before a breakdown occurs.

Depending on the service program you select, the following remote services are available:


24/7 alarm response for fast remote reset of turbines or by real time site notification.


Ad-hoc troubleshooting support to increase first-time fix rate.


Software version updates to minimize the risk of communication failures and technical issues by ensuring that latest software is running on all devices that are part of industrial control systems.


SCADA and network monitoring to secure communication to site.


Condition-based monitoring leveraging vibration data, using artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance the ability to detect failures far in advance to solve them before they become critical.


Protection of data and systems against cyberattacks that could compromise operation.

Field Service

Our highly trained field technicians and service engineers are committed to delivering quality without ever compromising the highest safety standards. That is why our customers consistently give our teams the highest marks for scheduled or unscheduled service. Whether for routine or advanced activities, our field service experts are at your call, 24/7.

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Spares and repairs
Spares and repairs

Siemens Gamesa has the global scale and operational experience to support you wherever you need us, and a comprehensive portfolio of spares (new and refurbished), repairs, reconditioning services as well as advance main component exchange processes – all built on the highest safety and quality standards. A repairs expert you can rely on to deliver a solution long before it might become necessary. Get the most out of your turbines, all the time.

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Blade services

Care for the crucial part
Care for the crucial part

Blades are the most expensive and vulnerable components face extreme loads and weather conditions. Thus, professional care is crucial.

Blade Repairs & Upgrades
4 hours

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Diagnostic services for wind turbines


Turning data into valuable knowledge
Turning data into valuable knowledge

Diagnostics help to predict, detect and fix issues remotely, and proactively plan service visits.

> 85% fix rate

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Life Extension

Extend the life of your fleet
Extend the life of your fleet

Guarantee the safety and availability of your upgraded turbine until year 30, adding 10 more years of income.

+10 years

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Multibrand services for wind turbines


Expertise extended to third-party fleets
Expertise extended to third-party fleets

Our multibrand services bring operational excellence and advanced analytics to all your wind turbine makes.

40+ years
98% uptime

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Update older wind turbines with Energy Thrust

Energy Thrust

Increase energy production by up to 5%
Increase energy production by up to 5%

Update older wind turbines with the latest Energy Thrust technology and see them perform like new ones.

+ 5% AEP

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Service offshore logistics

Offshore logistics

Smooth service on the rough seas
Smooth service on the rough seas

Service operation vessels are revolutionizing the offshore market by cutting maintenance costs.

90% uptime

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Service for Senvion wind turbines
Service for Senvion wind turbines

Our engineers have developed a series of performance enhancing hardware and software technologies to further improve the performance of your Senvion turbines. Each feature can achieve subsequently an increase in Annual Energy Production (AEP). You can choose the feature which delivers the highest increase in output based on site-specific conditions or combine them to benefit from the aggregate increase in AEP.


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