A sustainable partnership

Built on trust and excellence
Siemens Gamesa has a strong history of supplier excellence, built up over the years through sustainable relationships with our supplier and contractor base. We all feel that environmentally friendly business is a critical item with regards to sustainability.
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Collaborating with suppliers for a sustainable future

At all times, our message to suppliers is that they must share with us the common goal of behaving in an ethical, law-abiding manner. Therefore, we have established a specific policy governing supplier relations and contracting, which provides a group-wide framework for the management and control of procurement activities. 

Siemens Gamesa ensures the impartiality and objectivity of our supplier selection processes and establishes the channels and mechanisms needed to ensure that our supplier conduct is ethical. To this end, Siemens Gamesa is committed to taking action if any supplier violates the values and principles set forth in our Code of Conduct.

Supply chain management principles

The principles followed by our supply chain support several key activities that have consistently created positive value with our suppliers and stakeholders:

  • Development of the local supply base while contributing to local wealth creation.
  • Working with suppliers to achieve world-class component design in order to reduce costs.
  • Creating opportunities for qualified suppliers to export to other regions based on their competitiveness.

All these activities are important contributions to internal activities as defined in Commodity Strategies, New Product Introduction and Engineering Change Management.

The Supplier Lifecycle Management (SLM) community within Siemens Gamesa is established and engaged, and its work encompasses sustainability topics.

According to the Capital Companies Law, Siemens Gamesa’s informs that the average payment period to suppliers in the fiscal year ended on September 30, 2017 has been 57 days.

Supplier onboarding process

The available processes and tools at Siemens Gamesa provide strategic buyers with levers, risk indicators and transparency to support their best sourcing decision. Risk screening is based on financial analysis and commodity reports provided by external consulting companies, which feed indicators in our internal supplier comparison tool.

The Code of Conduct for Suppliers is currently being consolidated at Siemens Gamesa. Both Siemens and Gamesa have strong documents that apply to their supplier databases. During fiscal year 2018, a new Code of Conduct for Siemens Gamesa is being developed that will respect and maintain the same high level of control regarding requirements for our suppliers.

Sustainability self-assessments are applied to strategic suppliers or suppliers located in high risk countries. The answers provided are screened, and suppliers who fail to meet the requirements are either immediately blocked from further business with Siemens Gamesa, or may be conditionally approved if the issues are not critical.

An External Sustainability Audit is executed by different third party providers and is the most powerful detection module. Monitoring may include re-audits or follow-up audits by our external partners.

Code of Conduct for suppliers

The supplier code of conduct applies to suppliers, contractors and partners of Siemens Gamesa. It establishes standards to ensure that working conditions in the company supply chain are safe, that workers are treated with respect and dignity, and that business operations with suppliers are ethical, social and environmentally responsible.

The objective of this code is to ensure that all supplier relationships with Siemens Gamesa do align with the principles, values and code of conduct of the company. Therefore, this document defines expectations on ethical, social and environmental performance that are set for Siemens Gamesa's suppliers.

Siemens Gamesa releases the code to all suppliers and requests compliance and adherence to it. The code will be incorporated into the General Conditions of Purchase and also in framework contracts and purchase agreements with each supplier.

During the integration period that Siemens Gamesa is undergoing, our procurement team is working to define and implement new joint processes that will support the common vision from the new joint company.

Purchase conditions
While working on a joint supply agreement between the former legacies, the Purchase Orders of Siemens Gamesa will be governed by the latest edition of the General Purchasing Conditions of the region corresponding to the location of the registered address of the Siemens Gamesa company being supplied. Following are showed all the editions of Siemens Gamesa Purchasing Conditions. For further details regarding the Siemens Gamesa Purchasing Conditions, we thank you for contacting your usual Siemens Gamesa buyer.