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Siemens Gamesa works tirelessly to strengthen relationships with our customers and cater to their full spectrum of needs. Developing products and services that surpass their expectations and evidence our pledges of honesty, professional responsibility and transparency. Areas in which we go way beyond legal requirements.
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Working with customers for a sustainable world

To improve communication channels with and guarantee the highest quality of products and services for our customers, Siemens Gamesa believes it is essential to nurture close relationships and a permanent dialogue with our customers. We use mechanisms and procedures to facilitate constant feedback from customers, extend personalized customer service by opening new sales offices, providing information on products and addressing queries and complaints.

Siemens Gamesa conducts customer satisfaction surveys on a regular basis. Online surveys of our customers base as well as face-to-face polls of key customers is a tool for direct communication with customers and assesses the quality of Siemens Gamesa's products and services. We also reinforce commercial relationships by participating in the most important trade fairs and by organizing events with customers, such as conferences and presentations on products and technology services.

United in our commitment to help customers create sustainable value
One of Siemens Gamesa’s strongest competitive advantages is the fact that we are successfully and actively engaged in all three areas of the wind power business: Onshore, Offshore and Service.


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