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Service Operation Vessels
Traditionally, the farther a wind farm was from shore, the more expensive its maintenance. To solve this, Siemens Gamesa has introduced service operation vessels that work as floating workshops, drastically cutting costs.
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Key Facts
  • Improves offshore wind power plant availability by greater efficiency
  • Less weather downtime due to safe operation at high waves
  • Fast response to service needs by operation within the boundaries of your wind farm
Recommended for

Complex and large far shore offshore wind farms

Offshore logistic solutions
Jack Up Vessel – Handling large components
Crew Transfer Vessel – For wind farms close to shore
Helicopter – Fast access via air
Taking offshore service into new waters
Technical specifications for Esvagt Froude and Esvagt Faraday, operational at the Butendiek wind farm in the North Sea, and Baltic II, in the Baltic Sea:
Space on deck 305 m²
Capacity for 8 20-foot-high containers
Accommodation 40 technicians
Optimal Distance 50 - 100 km from shore
Time at sea up to 3 weeks
Effective working hours 10 h during a 12 h shift
Weather downtime 10 - 15 %
Transfer between turbines 30 minutes
Operational wave height up to 2.5 m
Integrated service logistics

Integrated logistics are central for achieving maximum yield and overcoming challenging conditions when servicing offshore wind farms. Therefore, we tailor logistics to the individual requirements of each project at sea – no matter whether they are near or far from shore. Customers can choose from service operations vessels, helicopter services, or crew transfer vessels for regular maintenance operations. When a heavy component exchange is needed, chartered jack-up vessels can be deployed quickly.

How does the armada of service vessels and airborne solutions results in a more reliable and efficient service?

Service highlights
Service planning is supported by remote diagnostics, ensuring efficient use of time at sea. When the vessel returns to port, spare parts and technicians are already there so it can turn around faster.
There’s room for 40 technicians on board and where other vessels can only transfer them to turbines in 1.5-meter waves, the hydraulic Ampelmann gangway system lets them safely “walk to work” in 2.5-meter swells.
Turbines located far from shore make daily transit time-consuming and costly. The solution is a vessel that can stay at sea for up to three weeks, with technicians working 10 hours in a 12-hour shift.
Turbines located far from shore make daily transit time-consuming and costly. The solution is a vessel that can stay at sea for up to three weeks, with technicians working 10 hours in a 12-hour shift.
With 305 square meters of space on deck and capacity for eight 20-foot high containers, the service operation vessel can hold all necessary spare parts and service materials.
High seas, low costs

Achim Berge Olsen, Managing Director of wpd Offshore GmbH, knows that in order to lower offshore costs, it’s important to save money on turbine maintenance. That’s why wpd commissioned Siemens Gamesa to develop a tailor-made concept for the maintenance and repairs of the wind power plant Butendiek. The resulting service SOV can remain at sea near the wind park for several weeks at a time, its cutting-edge technology allowing for a faster, safer, and more efficient service.

“It can do two things that normal service ships can’t do,” says Olsen. “It can stay in the wind park even in rough weather and wind conditions, and – thanks to the hydraulic bridge – reach the turbines more often than is possible using normal entry systems. Today, this makes it the most effective way to service offshore wind power plants. We are convinced of that.”

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